Leon Margules Speaks On Klitschko-Ibragimov disappointment

By G. Leon


Leon Margules Speaks On Klitschko-Ibragimov disappointment

GL: Obviously things didn't go as you expected, but can you give us some thoughts on the Klitschko-Ibragimov fight? "I think that Sultan didn't execute the fight plan or use his speed the way he should have. I don't think he took enough risks, but I don't think either guy took enough risks, which is why it was such a boring fight."

GL: The heavyweight division was yearning for unification for so long, was last weekends fight a bad thing for boxing?

Leon Margules: "I'm disappointed in both guys. I'm disappointed Sultan didn't make a better fight of it and I'm disappointed in Klitschko for not engaging. I don't know what to tell you other than neither guy did what they were supposed to."

GL: Have you spoken with the Ibragimov people after the fight to discuss where Sultan goes from here?

LM: "I'm actually sitting across my desk from Boris Greenberg as we speak, as soon as you and I get off the phone we'll talk."

GL: Are you confident Sultan can once again become a heavyweight champion?

LM: "If Sultan wants to be heavyweight champion again he can be, it's totally up to him. To me he's every bit as talented as Klitschko, he should have fought a different fight. If he would have fought the fight he was supposed to fight he would have knocked Klitschko out."

GL: Different how? What would have been the right fight?

LM: "I think he should have jumped on him and attacked him and forced him to make exchanges and use his quickness to his advantage. I think he should have gotten off first all night. When he fought Whitaker he jumped right on him and took him out, then he changed his style for the Briggs and Holyfield fights and was very successful with the style, but he needed to go back to his old style for this fight and he didn't. That was the type of fight he needed, he couldn't dictate the pace with Klitschko, we thought that was going to happen, it just didn't."

GL: Tell us about Sechew's fight on Friday night.

LM: "Sechew is the number one contender in the IBF and he'll be on ESPN on Friday night. Right now we're just waiting for the Spinks-Phillips fight is over with so we can be the next mandatory enforced. We're going to keep Sechew as busy as we can in the interim. He's fighting a tough undefeated kid from the mid-west and hopefully he'll shine."

GL: What's the story with Miranda-Pascal?

LM: "June 6 or 7th in Montreal, depending on how I finish my negotiations with the networks."


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