Latin Lingo Mailbag

By Ricardo Lois


Latin Lingo Mailbag

Ricardo, I just heard you on Boxeomundial’s audio chat along with Jose Martino. When are you going to bring and audio chat to Boxingtalk? Your opinions were solid and unbiased and you had some humor, as well. Bring it to Boxingtalk! Carlos - Tampa

Carlos, thanks for the kind words. You would have to speak to Greg Leon about an audio chat on Boxingtalk.Our Spanish language boxing audio chat on, was fun to do and I am glad you enjoyed it. Keep in mind, the Boxeomundial chat is NOT mine, but the child of Jose Martino. Who knows, maybe me and Martino can lace something up in English for Greg. In the meantime, keep supporting Martino’s site, the finest Spanish language boxing website out there!

What have you been smoking? Margarito over Cintron? I just heard the bullshit come out of your mouth on Boxeomundial’s audio thing, but I only see your mailbag on Boxingtalk. I got to check your ass on that. Cintron will KO Margarito within ten rounds. Anonymous

Hey man, before you start slobbering all over Cintron, remember Margarito has much more boxing experience than Cintron.You guys think that just because I pick against a guy, I hate him. Get real, as a fan, I might be pulling for Cintron, you never know! Yet, when I represent myself on the internet, I have to be UNBIASED. Something many of you need to learn about.Cintron is a prospect and his wide shoulders remind my of a young Tommy Hearns. Still, I need to see him step up in competition and win. When he does that a few times, I might start picking him over guys like Antinio Margarito.

ur confused casamayor is going to outbox castillo u are a terrible predicter and u are a dis grace to cubans

Anonymous E-mails like this one remind me why I grow tired of the mailbag. My friends, I fool you not, this e-mail represents the vast majority of e-mails I receive in quality and form. I would rather be a disgrace to Cubans for picking Castillo, than a biased Cuban for picking Casamayor just because he is Cuban. (I like Casamayor amigo, calmate- G. Leon)

Iceman here. Saludos de boricua a cubichi. Listen broqui I totally disagree with you. Casamayor will beat Castillo. If he boxes and jabs he has a great chance. All he has to do is stay outside, jab, move from side to side, and to keep castillo honest. Once in a while throw a left and right and move the hell out of his reach. The problem with Casamayor is that he belives he is a big puncher, which he is not. And likes to show boat a little too much mostly after landing a good shot. But if he trades with Castillo he wiil get the worst, since Castillo has had a few more wars than Casamayor, he gets the experience edge.Im pulling for Casamayor to give Castillo a boxing lesson.Iceman

Iceman, nice to hear from you again. Your e-mail is much better than the previous one and I can understand the reasoning behind your pick, even though I do disagree.Casamayor might have had a chance to outbox Castillo two or three years ago, but I have to wonder if he has the legs at his current age. Remember aside from being in some tough professional bouts, he had a lengthy amateur career in Cuba. Let me tell you this, reaching the top levels of amateur boxing in Cuba is a blood and guts battle in itself. Sources close to Casamayor have said that the game plan will probably be to do just what you said, box and move. I am just skeptical of Casamayor’s ability to do this at his age and while moving up in weight.

Good Progression for Boxingtalk. Nice to have the mailbag back. I have two questions. John Ruiz, do you think he has what it takes to become a meaningful heavyweight? If so, what do you think it would take to change his style? Personally, I think he is a boring fighter. Yet I think he has some good skills, what do you think it would take for him to display that? Different trainer, different opposition? Diego Corrales. I've watched become a new ambitious fighter. Do you ever see Floyd Mayweather agreeing to a rematch & who do you have coming out with their hand raised? Shaun from Baltimore

Good to hear from you Shaun, another Latin Lingo Mailbag old timer. Listen brother, John Ruiz is John Ruiz. No opponent and no trainer is going to change John Boy. On the flip side, John is a a meaningful heavyweight. Love the guy or hate the guy, and I know most of you people out there hate him, he is, in my opinion, one of the top ten heavyweights of the last five ten years. As for Chico Corrales. I don’t see a rematch with Mayweather happening anytime soon. If they were to cross paths in the ring again, I don’t see anything much different happening than in their first bout. Well, one thing might be different, Diego won’t kiss the canvas as many times.


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