Laredo, Texas gears up for Dec. 5th show


Laredo, Texas gears up for Dec. 5th show

Hector Ferreyro to headline

Press Release: As the December 5th show in Laredo, Texas rapidly approaches, Cestus Management’s boxers are ending their pre-fight camps.  On that night, Robert “Nighthawk” Luna Jr. and Rodolfo “La Cobrita” Gomez , two Cestus Management fighters, will be featured.  The event is promoted by Recon Garza Promotions in association with Los Dos Laredos Boxing Productions and Cestus Management.  The main event will feature Cestus Management's popular heavyweight Hector “Hurricane” Ferreyro defending his regional title belt in a ten rounder.  The fight card will be shown on The boxers shared their pre-fight thoughts.

Rodolfo “La Cobrita” Gomez:

“I can’t wait for the fifth of December, I’m ready to fight for my family and Cestus and represent them with honor. I’m looking forward to unleash myself on my opponent (Alejandro Contreras) and I will show him no mercy.  I am in top shape and can fight a hundred rounds, I will give a great performance, Contreras is in big trouble. 

Robert Luna Jr.:

“I am feeling strong and sharp and am ready to do some serious damage to my opponent (Mike Hull).  From the opening bell, I’m going to attack and give the local fans a great show.  My managers (Cestus) have big plans for me next year, so I'm ready to deliver no matter what.  

Hector Ferreyro:

I am ready to rumble and defend my Title; Robbie McClimans will be destroyed on Friday. I am in the best shape of my life. I have droped an extra ten pounds and it will show after I have dismantled McClimans piece by piece. I promise everybody that i will deliver an action packed fight and i promise my fans they will not be dissapointed. My new team Cestus gave me the new life i needed in boxing and everything is coming together, just the way i want it; everybody get ready; because I'm gonna keep the Mexican flag flying high.

Gina Iacovou (Cestus C.E.O.):

“On December 5 (2008), Laredo , Texas boxing fans will once again be treated to a great night of fights.  There is a lot of buzz and excitement about this card (Friday Nite Championship Fights) because of the presence of the Cestus fighters.  Rudy (Gomez) and Robert (Luna Jr.) are sure to electrify the crowd present that night with spectacular performances that will leave everyone wanting more and our [regional] Champion Hector (Ferreyro) will make a sensational first defense of his Title.  I would also like to take this time and wish everyone out there a Happy Holiday Season.”   

Mike Michael (Founder/Chief Advisor):

“I know that Laredo is a hot fight town and that the fans there love and know their boxing.  I’m looking forward to my arrival in Laredo and i can't wait to be surrounded again by all of the great Latino fans, who always support their fighters.  In our last event (August 29, 2008 ), Laredo was exposed to the quality, professionalism, and experience that is Cestus Management.  With Rudy Gomez and Roberto Luna and Latino Champ Hector Ferreyro back for December’s show, the local fight fans will be in for another great night as Cestus Management will deliver its fighters to them again.  I would just like to say thank you to  Dean Chance of the I.B.A. and Beto Garza of Variety Meats and to my good friend Anthony Velasquez of Gente Entertainment for his continued undiniable support.  The only thing left to say is LOCK THE DOORS AND RUN FOR COVER where back.