Lacy focused on Reid, but ready to target Taylor if Calzaghe fight crumbles!

By G. Leon


Lacy focused on Reid, but ready to target  Taylor  if Calzaghe fight crumbles!

GL: You'll be defending the IBF super middleweight title in your hometown on August 6, how's training been going for the fight? "It's been going well, I'm feeling sharp and I'm coming to win. Everything is good things have been going very well."

GL: You're defending your title in front of your hometown fans and the potential showdown with Calzaghe could be on the horizon. Has it been difficult to remain focused on Reid with all the potential distractions of fighting at home and having Calzaghe on the horizon?

Jeff Lacy: "Naw it hasn't been difficult at all Greg. This is a championship fight, I know Robin Reid is going to come at his best and he' s not someone I'm overlooking. I can't think about Calzaghe until I take care of my business, but I'm not sure how that's looking right now and I don't really care because if I don't get by this guy there's nothing? As far as the local distractions, I nipped that in the butt, if you call my phone back the message says I don't have any tickets so if that's what you're calling for don't bother."

GL: Will Reid go the distance?

JL: "I like challenges and this guy supposed to have a good chin, I hope so because I'm in better shape than I was for the Vanderpool fight. If I see it I'm going for it, if not I'm going to do what I got to do to win."

GL: I've heard ticket sales have been going pretty well, how important is it for you to establish yourself as a draw in Florida?

JL: "I'm truly hoping for that and we're expecting a big turn out from the Tampa Bay area, I can't wait. It would be great for me to be able to fight in my home state more often and it's something I'm definitely trying to make happen."

GL: What did you think about the Taylor-Hopkins fight?

JL: "I want to congratulate Taylor, I think he went out there and did his thing. I think Hopkins got started a little late and lost a close fight. I think you really have to beat the champion up to win, because Bernard has been a great champion, he just got started too late."

GL: Now that Taylor has become the middleweight champion, if he's able to get by Hopkins will he become your top priority if a fight with Calzaghe falls apart?

JL: "Absolutely, that would be a huge fight. People have always talked about it and I've always said the day will come that it's going to be a real big fight, and if he beats Hopkins again he's definitely someone I want to fight. "

GL: So if a fight with Calzaghe doesn't come to fruition, will Taylor top your hit-list?

JL: "Yes."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

JL: "I want to thank all my fans for their support, tune in for a great night of boxing, I'm coming at my best and it's going to be a great show."


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