Lacy Speaks On Sheika Fight!

By G. Leon


Lacy Speaks On Sheika Fight!

"It Won't Go The Distance!"

GL: What happened with the Tsypko fight Jeff? "Apparently he didn't want to fight me, so we had to move on. I feel great about coming right back before the end of the year because I want to stay in the public eye after a performance like that. I think the Trinidad fight overshadowed everything and I wanted to come right back, and fighting Omar Sheika, I think this is the kind of fight people want to see."

"The boxing public needs fights like this. They know I'm not going to run, they know he's not going to run and they know this is going to be a fight. that's either fought in the corners or the middle of the ring."

GL: On December 4 you're defending against Omar Sheika on Showtime. Jermain Taylor will be fighting Joppy on HBO on the same date. Which fight do you think the fans are going to tune in to?

Jeff Lacy: "With him fighting William Joppy and me fighting Omar Sheika, I think they're going to lean towards my fight. They already view Jermain as a boxer and it's like I told you, the people are going to want to see two guys going at it like we're in a phone booth. People want to see action and they want to see fireworks, so I think they're going to lean towards my fight with Sheika.

GL: There's no doubt your fight with Sheika is a fight fans fight....

JL: (cutting in) "It's going to be a fight where we're going to be able to find each other. We're going to be able to get to the middle of the ring, bump heads and just go at it.

GL: Sheika has never delivered in a big fight. With that being said, do you feel he deserves another title shot?

JL: "I think he deserves it and I think the fans deserve to see a fight like this because he can punch as well as I can. So I know there's going to be some people who lean towards him because he's a puncher too. With two punchers anything can happen."

GL: Does this fight go the distance?

JL: "It's going to be a great fight, but I don't think this is going the distance. But if it does, that will mean it would have been a great, great fight.



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