Lacy-Reid Workout Quotes!


Lacy-Reid Workout Quotes!

PRESS RELEASE: JEFF “LEFT HOOK’’ LACY (19-0, 15 KOs): “I am very excited about defending my title in my hometown and, for me, this is more than a dream come true because, really, I never believed something like this could happen. I would like to thank my promoter, Gary Shaw, and SHOWTIME for making this fight happen.


“Time-wise, it is taking forever for Saturday to get here. Two weeks ago, it seemed like a month out. Here we are, a few days away, and it still seems like two weeks away. So, I am ready to fight.


“I consider any opponent a dangerous one so I am not going to underestimate Reid. I do not watch a lot of tapes. That is not my job. But I am very confident that I will win. I expect to go out and do what my trainer and I have worked on for the last two months and put on a spectacular show.


“Reid is a veteran. He did not come all the way from England to lose. He knows the taste of what it is like to be a world champion. He also knows the taste of what it feels like to lose it. I do not want to taste that feeling. I am proud to be IBF champion. I take my job very seriously. I worked hard to win the title; now I am working even harder to keep it. I like the feel of wearing the belt around my waist.’’



“Lacy is a good fighter and a great champion, but he is still rather new to the game and I have a lot of experience in big fights and am a slick mover. Lacy has some weaknesses. I am going to expose them.


“All the pressure is on him. They are already talking about a fight with Joe Calzaghe. Of course, I think that is a mistake to look past me. Lacy is a powerful puncher. I think he is as strong with the right hand as he is with the left. But I am a counter-puncher who does best with guys who come forward.


“I am not saying this will be an easy fight because technically it is going to be a hard fight. But I can make it easier by using everything in my arsenal and by doing all the things I know I am capable of doing. I am in fantastic shape. I have some tricks that can create a lot of problems for Lacy.


“I do not think I have to win by knockout just because this is his hometown. I have not got some decisions that should have gone my way in the past when I fought on the road, but I won the WBC title in Italy so I know it can be done. If I do my job the way I am supposed to, I trust the judges will do theirs and score each round as they go.’’