Krasniqi returns on April 29!


Krasniqi returns on April 29!

He is back – on the peak of his career: Luan Krasniqi will return to the boxing ring n April 29, seven months after losing a WBO heavyweight world title fight to Lamon Brewster. He lost the fight for the title but he won the hearts of millions of German boxing fans who were stunned watching on ZDF as they had never seen Krasniqi fighting more concentrated and with more fighting spirit. He opened the eyes of many fans on the heavyweight boxing power made in Germany.

„I believe I gave Brewster the hell of a fight“, Krasniqi, 28-2-1 (14), remembers. “Later I watched it step by step on video and over and again switched the tape off before the end of the fight. “There is a driving force inside me to live up to my promise, to capture the title and to put things straight.”

The 34-year-old model athlete impressed with his fair and smart behavior in talkshows and other TV entrances as gentleman and boxing star in front of millions of people. Luan Krasniqi already opened the doors to his training gym and began light workout for his second run on a heavyweight world title. His promise to Max Schmeling to bring a heavyweight championship to Germany is only postponed.

Krasniqi has to convince experts and world boxing bodies with a meaningful victory on April 29 before he can think of another title shot.

“I would most likely fight Lamon Brewster in a direct rematch”, Krasniqi, a former European heavyweight champion, said. “He promised me a rematch after the fight but later didn’t keep his promise. Fortunately I didn’t drop very low in the WBO rankings. I absolutely want to fight Brewster again. Even in case that I could win a world title from Rahman or another champion this would have a different taste to me.”

„On April 29 Luan will be matched with a top opponent”, Jean-Marcel off Universum said. “In case of victory Luan may soon become WBO mandatory challenger again. That way Brewster can’t duck him.”

„I have the feeling that I’m already in top shape and ready for a fight against Brewster“, Krasniqi said. “I would have loved to fight him on April 29.”

Also fighting on the show in Stuttgart, broadcast live by ZDF in Germany, will be WBO jr. middleweight champion Sergej Dzindziruk. The Ukrainian boxer-puncher southpaw took the title from Daniel Santos in a marvelous fight on December 3 in Magdeburg. It was awarded one of the best fights in 2005 by the WBO and several times shown Eurosport TV as a replay.