Kotelnik turns down Salita fight

By G. Leon


Kotelnik turns down Salita fight

Exclusive Interview: Dmitriy Salita

GL: What's the latest and greatest with you?  I'm back in the Pocono's.  A few minutes ago I found out that Andriy Kotelnik turned the fight down.  I think it was a cowardly thing to do.  He got offered everything that he wanted, and from what I understand, his promoter agreed to the fight before when they were in the Ukraine.  I always had a feeling that he had some bad feelings in his heart.  When push comes to shove, this is the most money he's made by far.  To be on such an incredible card in New York City, on PPV, what more could you ask for?  He turned the fight down." 

GL:  Now that the Kotelnik fight is not happening, who will you be fighting on November 8th?

Dmitriy Salita:  I believe I'm fighting Willie Lamont.

GL:  How solid is that?

DS:  I think it's pretty solid, I think the fight is going to happen. 

GL:  Do you think you're ever going to fight with Kotelnik?  If you don't believe so, when is you plan of fighting for a title coming to fruition?

DS:  I signed my contract, I agreed to everything.  You'd have to ask Kotelnik if he'd ever fight me.  I was ready willing and able, and made every reasonable consession that I could have made to fight for the title.  He, by far, was getting treated like a champion, he was getting a great deal and a great opportunity.  He turned it down.  The ball is completely in his court to make the fight, if he wants it.  I just have to refocus and concentrate on still taking care of business on November 8th, and we'll see what happens after that.

GL:  Are you at all concerned about an emotional letdown?  After getting ready for a title fight, and now going from a title fight to a very winable fight, a less dangerous fight.

DS:  It's obviously very dissapionting, but I've had other dissapointments.  I just have to refocus and look at the positive, and make the next one even better.  I just hope that if I keep fighting, I'll finally get my opportunity.

GL:  Who do you like in Malignagi-Hatton?

DS:  I think Pauli, definitely.  His camp is here in the Poconos.  I definitely like Pauli, and I think if he can box, and impose his style, he'll do really well. 

GL:  Closing thoughts.

DS:  Expect a great show on November 8th.  Andriy Kotelnik turned down a big opportunity for himself, he's a silly man.  I have lost much respect for him, and I hope he mans up and makes this fight happen. 


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