Klitschko responds to King's glove controversy


Klitschko responds to King's glove controversy

Blames commission for imposing gloves on Austin

PRESS RELEASE: IBF heavyweight titlist Wladimir Klitschko is ready, willing and able to defend his world title on Saturday night in Germany against Ray Austin. But a glove controversy has put the fight somewhat in jeopardy.


The local German boxing commission rules state that the champion has the right to select the gloves worn by the participants in the title contest, with both fighters having to wear the same brand.


Since Team Klitschko and Team Austin were unable to reach an agreement on the gloves as per the contract, the champion selects the glove brand, according to the rules of the commission.


“The contract states that DKP and Shelly Finkel would work out the gloves that Ray Austin wears, and since we couldn’t it fell to the local commission, whose rules are that the champion has priority on picking the gloves, it’s that simple,” said Shelly Finkel, Klitschko’s boxing advisor.