Kingsley "The Sharp Knuckle" Ikeke Is Ready To Go On Stage with Anyone

Darren Nichols


Kingsley "The Sharp Knuckle" Ikeke  Is Ready To Go On Stage with Anyone

BoxingTalk: Kingsley, I think the first question everyone would like to know is what do you feel went wrong in your fight with Arthur Abraham last December?

Kingsley Ikeke: Abraham is a good fighter, and it was a good fight. I had the flu for a week before the fight, that's not an excuse, but I knew the longer the fight went the more I had to work.

BoxingTalk: Do you feel the fight could have continued if the referee did not stop it?

Kingsley Ikeke: I feel I could have continued. He didn't knock me down, I was only against the ropes. Afterwards I asked my trainer Freddie Roach if I went down, and he said I didn't. The referee just jumped in the middle of us and stopped the fight. He didn't give me a warning or even an 8 count. This is boxing, and I know I could have continued.

BoxingTalk: This was your first professional fight overseas. Do you feel if the fight had happened here in the US, the fight would have turned out differently for you?

Kingsley Ikeke: I think it would have made a big difference, because travel takes a lot away from you, and not only was I fighting the flu, but there was also difference in the time and weather that I had to deal with.

BoxingTalk: Was your fight with Abraham a case of underestimating your opponent?

Kingsley Ikeke: Yes.

BoxingTalk: What would you do differently if you were to face him again?

Kingsley Ikeke: I would fight him when I needed to, and I would box him when I needed to, but it would be a great fight if we were to do it again.

BoxingTalk: Are back in the gym preparing for your next fight?

Kingsley Ikeke: Yes, I am going a lot. It's good for me to stay focused in the gym.

BoxingTalk: Do you know when and with whom you will get in the ring next?

Kingsley Ikeke: I should be fighting again by April or May, and I know I will be ready. I don't know who I will be fighting, but i'm ready for anyone.

BoxingTalk: Would you like a rematch with Abraham to be your next fight?

Kingsley Ikeke: If he is to be the next one, then bring him to the stage.

BoxingTalk: What would you like the boxing public and your fans to know most about you as your enter your 11th year as a pro?

Kingsley Ikeke: I want my fans to know that I will be on back on the top again. I don't call my fight with Abraham a loss, I call it a learning experience. And I've learned not to underestimate a figher, to focus on my fights, and to come ready.

BoxingTalk spoke with Kingsley's manager Gary Gittelsohn about his fighter's future to which Gittelsohn responded, "We have a lot in the works for Kingsley. I have had two serious meetings with Golden Boy Promotions, and we are actively looking at big showcase fights against real players in the middleweight division for Kingsley to take on. Kingsley is not going to be in 'stay-busy' fights. Jermain Taylor may lose another belt, and that may make Kingsley a factor in that equation. If we can do a rematch with Abraham, great, but regardless, Kingsley is still going to be considered a top-five fighter in the middleweight division.

BoxingTalk thanks Mr. Ikeke for taking the time to speak with us. We wish him continued success both in and out of the ring.



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