King Arthur responds to Marquez


King Arthur responds to Marquez

Press Release: IBF middleweight champion King Arthur Abraham (27-0, 22 KOs) is pleased to reassure Raul Marquez that he is not ignoring him at all. Earlier this week, the 37-year-old mandatory challenger complained about being overlooked by the undefeated IBF middleweight champion, who will make his eighth title defence in Bamberg on October 4, 2008. “Abraham´s people are looking beyond me,” Marquez claimed. “I want to spoil all that talk about him fighting Pavlik or Wright in his next fight.”

Even though there might be a potential mega-fight on the horizon, King Arthur vowed to take one step at a time. “I am not ignoring Marquez at all,” the 28-year-old stated. “Two exhausting training sessions a day, an exhausting training camp as well as a tough eight-week preparation period tell a different story. If I was ignoring him, I would be lying on the beach in Florida to enjoy the sun. I would not even be responding to his provocative statement!”

King Arthur admitted he was full of respect for his Marquez. “He is an accomplished fighter with a great deal of experience,” King Arthur said. “But this would not be my eighth title defence if I had underestimated any of my opponents. He is not the mandatory challenger for nothing. Still there is no chance he can beat me.”

Abraham will make his first fight since celebrating a successful US debut. Back in June, he knocked out Edison Miranda in the fourth round of their rematch. “I am keen to return to the US as soon as possible – not just for vacation but for business. After stopping Marquez, I will make big fights in the US.”