Kimo offers to fight UFC president for free in handicap match


Kimo offers to fight UFC president for free in handicap match

Says he'll crush Dana White without any kicks or punches

Press Release: Saying he was surprised by derogatory remarks made by UFC president Dana White, New Era Fighting superstar and MMA living legend Kimo Leopoldo has responded by issuing a challenge to White as well as any of his UFC fighters.  In a recent conference call, White was told of New Era Fighting's $1-million-winner-take-all tournament finale (for the winner of this year's planned World Toughest Man Contest) against Kimo. White  reportedly said, "I'm in New York (and) there's about 50,000 people downstairs right now that can beat Kimo."

"I was very surprised Dana White made it personal by singling me out," Kimo said. "I'd like to see him look me in the eyes and say it instead of doing it 3000 miles away behind closed doors. White doesn't have the heart. He's been hanging out with fighters so long he must think he's a fighter. He doesn't know what it takes but I'm more than willing to show him. I challenge him to a fight and I guarantee it will take me no longer than three minutes to beat him. I won't be allowed to throw any kicks, elbows, knees or punches. He can make up ANY rules he wants and I'll still beat him senseless. Whatever the purse is, I won't take any money, it can all go to the Kimo-Therapy Foundation.
"He said UFC is No. 1. Why not prove it in New Era Fighting's 'World's Toughest Man Contest' by allowing his fighters to compete? UFC is shit talking; NEF backs up what it says. Unlike UFC, we promote for the fighters. Nobody wants to say anything bad about UFC or White because of deals and contracts. No one has ever had the balls to say this, but, it is a fact that the only reason he has his job is that he's best friends with the owners, the Feritta brothers. I've heard Dana used to box and he's been training to fight. Well, let's get it on, White."
White also ripped PRIDE, an MMA organization based in Japan, in addition to dissing Kimo.
"UFC has a paper champ like (Tim) Sylvia," Kimo continued. "Chuck (Liddell) is their only legitimate champ and it's not like he's undefeated. Look at what Quinton Jackson did to him (TKO in 2003) in Japan. I guess that's why UFC is stronger at light heavyweight than heavyweight."

NEF president Ron Kort also took great offense to White taking cheap shots at his new company and Kimo.  "UFC is the originator of our sport," Kort noted, "so why talk bad about competitors like NEF and PRIDE? Kimo's a pioneer in this sport who deserves respect not trash talk from White. What's he ever done that's original? We're offering Dana White a chance to back up what he said -- there were 50,000 people in New York City who could beat Kimo. There aren't five in White's UFC who can give Kimo a good fight, never mind beat him. And if White's so bad, like he acts, let him accept Kimo's challenge. I don't think he wants to back up his words. Dana's not stupid enough to fight Kimo or confident of letting any of his UFC fighters get in the ring with Kimo."
New Era Fighting (NEF), the internationally booming mixed martial arts organization combining the raw brutality of UFC with the entertainment value of WWE, will hold a series of international level tryouts, tentatively scheduled to begin June 15-17, at a venue in Orange Country, California.
Each tryout in the proposed series will be conducted during a three-day tournament during an 8-10 month period. Selected combat fighters will advance to the next round to fight each other in a tournament format to eventually determine the remaining 10 survivors.
The 10 tryout-survivors and some fighters already signed to NEF promotional contracts will compete on a show in either California or Las Vegas. The winner will be crowned "World's Toughest Man" and be offered an anticipated $1,000,000 winner-take-all fight - the highest purse in MMA history -- against Kimo, headlining a full card for a pay-per-view broadcast live from in Las Vegas at a date to be determined.