Kid Diamond ready to shine

By Mike Walters


Kid Diamond ready to shine

Undefeated lightweight makes ShoBox debut this weeki

2000 Olympian Almazbek "Kid Diamond" Raiymkulov will headline Friday’s telecast of “ShoBox: The New Generation” as he takes on Koba "The Cobra" Gogoladze.  The undefeated lightweight has already risen to #26 in the Boxingtalk ratings, but he is still trying to become a household name with boxing fans.  Friday’s ShoBox episode can go a long way towards helping the native of Kyrgyzstan achieve his goal because it will be the first opportunity for many to see Kid Diamond, who has fought mostly on Top Rank undercards.  Many people in boxing believe he has the potential to be a future world champion in the lightweight class but with the amount of talent in division, winning a major title will not be an easy task. On Friday, we will get to see if this Diamond is the real thing or a fugazzi as he takes on Gogoladze, also a former Olympian. 

Gogoladze, rated #16 by Boxingtalk at 130 pounds, is an undefeated slick southpaw out of Philly by way of the Republic of Georgia.  Boxingtalk caught up Kid Diamond and asked him few questions about himself and his upcoming test on ShoBox.

BT: Thank you for taking time out to speak with Boxingtalk, First off how did you get started in boxing?
KD: How did I get started boxing? When I was fourteen years old. I tried many sports but when it comes to boxing I just stuck to it because I just love this sport so much. I used to watch it on TV when I was kid.

BT: Growing up in Kyrgyzstan did you ever think you would one day be a professional boxer?
KD: No, I was amateur until in 2001 and I came here to United States and I started professional boxing almost 4 years ago. I love this, I love this.

BT: You had over three hundred amateur fights how has that experience helped you in the professional ranks?
KD: They helped me a lot, because you know in the amateurs you just get a lot of experience like not taking punches. You have to move to show the distance and then you have to come closer and you know to throw the uppercut only when you get in a close fight, so that's very good experience .Now that I have turned professional, I am just using all what I learned in amateur.  It is just helping a lot.

BT: Why did you choose to come to the United States to start you professional boxing career rather then fighting in Europe closer to home?
KD: I like to have it the hard way, not just like the easy way, cause I am used to having things the hard way. I am a hard worker. I always choose the hard way, that's why people recognize me and respect me.

BT: Your opponent Koba Gogoladze is from the Republic of Georgia in the former USSR. Did you ever come across him as a amateur?
KD: We used to travel together we used to fight in the same weight division but he was older than me, he was more experienced in the amateurs than me.  He was a little better than me in the amateurs but that was a long time ago.  Right now, this is the professionals and in the professionals you don't have to just work for the points, fight for the points, you just have to show who you are, show your heart, show your technique, show your fight.  Its not only up to judges, its up to the people to decide how they like your fight, how they like you. I am experienced too, I am younger than him I am stronger than him, I have a lot of power punches, he doesn't have it.  He is still fighting like a amateur.  It’s going to be a very interesting fight, and I hope people are going to like it you know, if I am not able to finish him in first round.

BT: How do you rate yourself among the top guys in the division like Jose Luis Castillo and Diego Corrales etc...?
KD: I like Corrales’ style more. I have sparred with him before and I have no problem with that. I am ready, I'll be ready for any title fight. That's why I am here, to do my job.  I like to do my job, and I like to do it best.

BT: If you get by Koba Gogoladze on Friday who do you want to fight next?
KD: Next I'll fight anybody, I'll be ready for anyone even for the champion, my time is ready my time is coming up. I want to be a champion and I don't want to wait too much longer.

BT: You are ranked number ten by the WBC how long until you think you get a title shot?
KD: Four or five months, that's it.

BT: Thank you for taking the time to talk to me Almazbek.
KD: Thank you Mike.