Kevin "The Kingpin" Johnson Hopes to Embarrass Next Opponent

By Darren Nichols


Kevin "The Kingpin" Johnson Hopes to Embarrass Next Opponent

"It will be embarrassing. I think Damian Wills is going to quit on his stool."

BoxingTalk:  Kevin, the last time we saw you in the ring, you won virtually every round against Ron Guerrero.  What did you take away from that fight?

Kevin Johnson:  I work on pin-point accuracy to show any opponent in front of me that they will get the same thing Guerrero did.  Every fight will be the same.  That fight was a sparring session.

BoxingTalk:  You slated to go up against Damian Wills next month.  How is preparation going for that fight?

Kevin Johnson:  Same way – easy.  I’m always training.  I have worked with top heavyweight prospect Chris “the Nightmare” Arreola.  Working with him has been great, so I am mentally and physically ready.  I’m ten steps ahead of Wills.  He can work with anybody we wants, and he won’t be ready for me.

BoxingTalk:  Wills has been in with some decent competition, having been in the ring with Chris Arreola, Yanqui Diaz, and Cisse Salif.  Do you feel this will be the biggest challenge for you as a pro?

Kevin Johnson:  No.  When I fought Timor Ibragimov that was my toughest challenge.  Some of these guys don’t deserve to be in the heavyweight division.  They’re not even in top-10 or even top-25.

BoxingTalk:  Wills’ knockout percentage is slightly higher then yours.  Do you feel the best way for a victory in this fight is to simply try to outbox him?

Kevin Johnson:  For this fight I’m going to take him out in the waters and he’s going to drown.  My boxing ability is twenty times better then his.  We can go toe to toe, but he’s not going to hurt me.

BoxingTalk:  This will be your sixth fight in the past twelve months.  How do you feel being this active has helped your career?

Kevin Johnson:  The activity has been great, but it’s been hard finding opponents.  I was suppose to fight Derrick Rossy and Malik Scott but they don’t want to fight me.

BoxingTalk:  Who would you like to fight to prove your worth in the heavyweight division?

Kevin Johnson:  I think fighting Eddie Chambers would be best way to show who the best prospect is.

BoxingTalk:  What do you feel is your biggest advantage coming into this fight with Wills?

Kevin Johnson:  Speed.  I have the fastest hands in the heavyweight division.  Eddie Chambers is fast, but I got my jab.

BoxingTalk:  What do you feel a win against Wills will do for your career?

Kevin Johnson:  It will put me where I want to be.  I want to fight in the top ten, but because I’ve only had 16 fights commissions tend to overlook me.

BoxingTalk:  I know you’re going for a win, but what’s your prediction for the fight?

Kevin Johnson:  It will be embarrassing.  I think Damian Wills is going to quit on his stool.


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