Kevin Kelley responds to Gainer: "Stop blowing Smoke!"

By G. Leon


Kevin Kelley responds to Gainer: "Stop blowing Smoke!"

GL: Derrick Gainer recently called you out on Boxingtalk. Is there anything you'd like to say in response after seeing his interview? "The second fight shouldn't have happened in the first place, but I like DG. He's a good dude and we got to know each real well in there. I probably know him better than he knows his girl and he probably knows me better than my girl knows me. We got in the ring and fought, we tested each other's feelings and emotions and we know who we are. I gave him the opportunity the first time because Roy Jones Jr asked me to. I went to Florida and I had to go there to knock him out and my eye was crazy, but after you knock somebody out the way I knocked him out there was really no need for a rematch. Nobody called for it except for Smoke. To this day, nobody really saw the second fight. But the knockdowns he got in that fight weren't knockdowns because he was pushing me down. If nobody was really talking about the rematch I don't think people are going to want to see it again. People are coming up to me talking about me and the Prince fighting again, not me and Smoke. If there was some edge there or if I felt people really wanted to see it, I would do the trilogy but I don't think a lot of people want to see it and if there's no money there it doesn't make any sense. Smoke is reaching now.

"I think I'm in a better position than him, I just beat Carlos Hernandez and I'm about to fight Manuel Medina. I'm looking to become #1 in the world within the next couple of months. The second fight with me and Smoke was boring and I don't think anyone really wants to see me fight Smoke. From a fans perspectivce nobody wants to see me fight him if he's going to be moving and running. In the second fight I let him walk away with the decision on fake knockdowns. There was no contact, he ran and when I got closed he held me. At this stage he's reaching. He realizes nobody is calling for him so he's reaching without Roy Jones to help him. Nobody wants to fight a tall, crafty lefty with hand speed who is awkward."

"The first time I fought him nobody wanted to fight him, he's a good fighter. But after that I did everything in my power to turn the rematch down, but then I ended up doing it. Now I'm in control of my own destiny, I'm not looking for opportunities, I'm making them. Sitting back waiting for them to call me ain't for me, I got to go out there and make fights that are going to better me."

"Now I'm fighting Medina and he's someone I've been wanting to fight for the last ten years. When I first met him I told him I wanted to fight him. I want to fight guys who have some paperwork behind them. On November 11 everyone at the Garden is going to be able to see me right that bad night that took place on June 10.

"That June 10 experience gave me something I can talk about as a commentator. I never knew what a bad night was until that fight. Now when I broadcast I can educate the people. I take every experience and utilize for a positive. I know me and people forget, what's funny about people is before that I was knocking people out and then when I lost to Bobby people thought it was the end of me. Ramirez went ten rounds with Morales, had a war with Carlos and I knocked him out in two rounds. In every other sport you have a bad night except for boxing. What you seen happen to Corrales the other night, what you saw happen to Brian Viloria, Tarver with Hopkins, those were all bad nights. For some strange reason you don't know what it is, you feel great in the dressing room everything is fine but then when the bell rings you can't perform and you don't know why. Klitschko with Lamon Brewster, that's a bad night. I feel good, I feel great and then all of sudden my body doesn't feel right, what do I do?"

"My goal is to win a world title at 130 pounds. I've never won a world title at 130, I've knocked a lot of guys out at 130, but never won a world title. I fought Humberto Soto with one arm, my shoulder was out and I beat him with him.

"Now Smoke wants to call me know after the second fight I told him to go get some sleep now that he got the decision. When you knock somebody out the way I knocked Smoke out, there's no demand for a rematch. When there's some controversy behind it, then there's reason for a rematch. I had him down twice before that and then when I knocked him out he was out. If we had a draw and we were warring in the rematch we would get it on. The fight people talk to me most about is me and the Prince, some people feel it was stopped too early. They don't care he lost to Barrera, that fight there makes sense. I'm just looking to make my way to another world title."

GL: Kevin you are aware that Medina that stretched by Smoke right?

KK: "Oh I was there and Smoke gave him one of the worst beatings I've seen. That was the best I've ever seen Smoke fight but I think that was a match-up of styles. I believe I commentated that and he beat Medina up badly, I felt bad for Medina he shouldn't have been done that way. I felt that way with Barrera and Pacquiao. How you lose is important to me some times. Watching a guy who is a legendary champion getting beaten up round after round is hard to watch. But Medina was the best I've seen Smoke look...but I don't hear nobody talking about the fight with and Smoke."

GL: We're talking about it now and people are going to start talking about it once they read what you have to say.

KK: "He's trying to lure me in. We went to battle in the first fight, but the second fight he ran and I don't think the fans want to see me fight somebody that's going to run and hold. In the first fight Smoke showed that he comes to fight and he has heart. If this is something people start talking about it and there's some money to it I'd do it."

GL: At the end of the day though y'all are 1-1 in the books.

KK: "To me the second fight was bad. He ran, and ran, and ran, and ran some more. Then he hit me with a shot on the shoulder and the referee called it a knockdown. I didn't really care about the rematch and I didn't feel like I had to fight him. For me to fight him again it has to be some money into it for me to fight him again. Your headline needs to say Kelley to Gainer: Stop Blowing Smoke...or knock it off."


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