Kevin Kelley Looks to Neutralize Pacquiao

By Darren Nichols


Kevin Kelley Looks to Neutralize Pacquiao

"I felt that he looked sloppy in his last fight and he got lucky, but his luck has run out."

BoxingTalk:  Kevin, how has preparation for your fight with Bobby Pacquiao been going?

Kevin Kelley:  I am always prepared, and I was prepared for this fight even before I knew I was fighting Pacquiao.

BoxingTalk:  Is there anything in particular that worked on during this camp to prepare for Pacquiao?

Kevin Kelley:  We worked on everything.  I know fights are adaptable and fights are about change.  If I worked on something that he does in particular, that may change in the middle of the fight.  So I just work on me.  I don’t worry about what he’s doing.

BoxingTalk:  What part of your arsenal do you feel will get you the victory on Saturday?

Kevin Kelley:  I think everything, my speed and my punching power.  Whatever comes my way I will neutralize it.  I think I need to be ready for everything that comes.  I’ve seen everything he is going to do, and I will adapt to whatever he does and make it not work for him.

BoxingTalk:  With your recent win over the tough Juan Carlos Ramirez, do you feel you are coming into this fight with more momentum than Pacquiao who recently had a disputed win over Carlos Hernandez?

Kevin Kelley:  Absolutely.  I don’t think he beat Hernandez.  I felt that he looked sloppy in his last fight and he got lucky, but his luck has run out.

BoxingTalk:  Do you feel this fight is about speed, and whoever lands first wins?

Kevin Kelley:  No, because I know I already have him on speed.  My hand speed is way faster than his.  I have him on power, so I think this fight is about wisdom and how much you know.  I’m ready for whatever he brings, and people need to watch how I neutralize Pacquiao.  This fight is about what I do and not what he does.  I now he’s going to try to outwork me, but I’m a veteran at this and I train like one.  I’m ready for everything.  I don’t care what he brings.  He has to be smarter, but I’m going to show him punches he’s never seen before, some that I invented myself.  The question is how is he going to react to that. 

BoxingTalk:  What will a victory on Saturday do for your career?

Kevin Kelley:  I can’t predict what will happen next because this is boxing.  It’s a weird game.  I will win the fight and then I’ll look at the landscape to see what’s next.  I know I want to use my talents to make a lot of money.



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