Kevin Johnson continues March toward contention

By Brad Cooney


Kevin Johnson continues March toward contention

Boxingtalk caught up with undefeated heavyweight Kevin "Kingpin" Johnson and talked about his upcoming fight against Damian Willis.  This fight will take place this Friday, in Atlanta, Georgia and will be televised on Shobox: The Next Generation at 11pm EST/8pm Pacific time.

BC - You have a big fight coming up against Damian Willis, talk about it.

KJ - Well this fight is going to be just the way I figured it will be, and easy fight.  I plan on making this guy quit.  This guy isn't anything to me, when you're training to become the World Heavyweight Champion of The Earth, this guy can't comply to the resume of the champions out there right now.  This is going to be a walk in the park, if the ref doesn't stop the fight, his corner will.

BC - These are the kinds of fights that you get coming up, but with said are you being careful about overlooking someone?

KJ - No, my only task that I want to do is fight the guys that the champions are fighting.  When Harrison fought Wiggins, when Shannon Briggs wanted to fight Demetrius King, I wanted King.  There is nobody that's on these guys resumes that I can't beat as a young undefeated contender, my wins came easier than theirs did.

BC - How many more fights like this will you have to fight before you get the top notch guys?

KJ - After I beat Damian Willis, then go after and beat Malik Scott, then beat Derrick Rossy after that, oh yea, the public will take me very serious then.

BC - You mentioned Malik Scott, you have a contract for this fight already?

KJ - Well Showtime offered me and Malik Scott a nice sum of money to fight. I signed my end of the contract, and for me I wasn't looking at money, I was looking for the win because the money would have been much better after I beat Malik Scott.  Malik Scott turned down the fight, Derrick Rossy turned down the fight, Brian Minto turned down he fight, Ibragimov turned down the fight, everybody knows who Kevin Johnson is, but the media doesn't really know right now.  But if they pay attention, there is a hurricane that has arisen in the Heavyweight division.

BC - By being a young undefeated Heavyweight, do you feel that you can get in their and compete with the big dogs in your division, like Klitschko, and Peter?

KJ - I would be there already if I didn't have my management problems in 2005.  I would be like 25 and 0 right now if I didn't have to take 2005 off.  Everything happens for a reason, I just roll with the punches.  Right now everybody is about to know who Kevin Johnson is, I am about to get my visa, my passports, and I will go get those titles.

BC - You're already anticipating having to go to Russia to get the belts?

KJ - The only person that will go get one right now is Chris Arreola, and maybe Eddie Chambers will get one, but I will be the third person to get one.  I know me and Chris Arreola are going to grab them belts.

BC - For those who haven't seen you fight, describe you style of fighting.

KJ - I am bringing the rebirth of Muhammad Ali back into the ring.

BC - Talk about what Star Boxing has done for you thus far.

KJ - Joe DeGaurdia is the best, no one has the balls that he has.  I met with every promoter in the world, and he stepped right up and shot straight with me.  Mark Murdock, my trainer is a throw back to the old days, he keeps me in tune, and gets me where I need to be to become the Heavyweight Champion.

BC - Do you consider yourself a throwback type of fighter?

KJ - Most definitely, a throw back like a jersey off of Michael Vick's back.

BC - I heard Brock will fight Chambers.

KJ - Brock needs to go back to banking, and count pennies and dimes.

BC - Do you feel that it's important to bring back a title for America?

KJ - I trained with those guys in Russia for years, Valuev, all of those guys.  Those guys been training for years getting their act together, and they came and got theirs.  They were hungry, and they did what a hungry person would do, come and take everything.  It's up to us young American's to go get it back, if not they will keep it forever.  These American Heavyweight's got lazy, they don't train, they get tired.  The Russians? They train like machines.  It was embarrassing to see how the American's have done against Klitschko.  I am going over there with one pair of socks, one towel, and one pair of boxers.  When I come back I will have all of those plus a title.

BC - Closing thoughts for the fans?

KJ - I want to tell this guy Damian Willis something.  Your eyes may shine, and your teeth may grin, but if you think you're going to whoop the kingpin, you better cancel that shit.


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