Kevin Johnson-Mike Marrone in the works?

By Brad Cooney


Kevin Johnson-Mike Marrone in the works?

Boxingtalk sat down with rising heavyweight Kevin “Kingpin” Johnson, and as always he had plenty to say.  Johnson informs Boxingtalk that a fight between him and Lou Duva's Michael Marrone is in the works.  The “Kingpin” Also gives us his thoughts on his last win over Damian Wills back in early August.

BT – What's the latest Kingpin?

KJ – Right now my blood pressure is up, I'm real mad.  I just heard some breaking news last night, and it hurts my heart to know that a bum like that wants a piece of me.  I am looking to fight this dude later this month, and he goes by Michael Marrone, and I am looking to demolish that fool.  I guarantee a first round knockout, guaranteed!

BT – Lou Duva's Michael Marrone?

KJ – Lou Duva's fighter, my blood pressure is sky high, I had to calm down today. I don't even know why a guy like that wants to step to my level.  This guy doesn't even belong in the Heavyweight division.

BT – Is this a fight that makes sense for you?

KJ – Well it's a tune up fight.  He's nobody, he's beneath me, but in the meantime I can clean out the division by getting him out of the way.  There is no way possible a guy like that can step up to my level, but he doesn't belong in my division, and I will be glad to get him out of there.

BT – Did Marrone talk smack or something, or did he just bring your name up?

KJ – Everybody is bringing my name up now, they all talk about my having a good jab.  Everybody talks as if they know how to beat me until they get into the ring with me.  Duva is handling this guy so I guess he has a name, but he's not going to make it on my level.  He's 18 and 0, and I will make him 18 and 1.

BT – You told everybody on Boxingtalk that you were going to punish Damian Wills, and you did exactly that.  Talk about your performance.

KJ – I did exactly what I told you guys I would do.  That fight went how I wanted it to go, I rested when I wanted, I showed the crowd a good performance.  It was the first time I had everybody in the crowd on their feet.  He was a tough guy though, he trained hard for that fight, he has a good chin.

BT – Who was that you kept on talking to during your fight on the front row?

KJ – His wife.

BT – That was his wife that you were talking to?

KJ – Yea, she was cute and attractive too, I liked her.  I'm like hey if you ever file for divorce, you can come be with The Kingpin.

BT- Kevin a lot of people don't like the extra antics that you do in the ring.  Some people like it though, and some people think boxing needs more of that.  Are you like that outside of the ring too?

KJ – I am like that both inside and outside of the ring.  You can ask anyone that knows me, any of my friends about me, and they will all tell me that I'm hilarious.  I love laughter, I am sociable, and I have never bit my lip to nobody, that's just me.  I am a very outspoken, outgoing guy, it's just me.

BT – When do you want to get back into the ring, and will it be against Marrone?

KJ – I am looking to fight Mike Marrone this month.  Joe (Star Boxing) is looking for a card for us to fight on.  I just hope Marrone doesn't ask for some ridiculous purse money you know?  I hope he isn't telling everybody he wants to fight me, but his price is saying no.

BT – There is a new young group of Heavyweight's coming up, Eddie Chambers, yourself, Chris Arreola.  Where do you put yourself among those names, and when do you see a title shot for you?

KJ – Well I am not even worried about a title shot right now, I got a list of about 5 guys that I want to pick off first.  Witherspoon, Malik Scott, Marrone, Travis Walker, none of these guys belong in the division, and I want to clean all of them out of there.

BT – What part of your game do you think you can work on?

KJ – Well I am still a baby in this game, I am going on pure talent, great hand coordination, and a great chin.  I have a good jab, but as far as strategical and power punching?  We haven't even went into a fight with a plan yet.  When I learn strategy?  Man, it's going to be over for these guys.

BT – Do you have any closing thoughts for the fans?

KJ – Mike Marrone, I am going to beat your ass!


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