Kendall Holt vs. Golden Johnson off!

By Ray O. Campbell Jr.


Kendall Holt vs. Golden Johnson off!

Holt: Johnson backed out! recently contacted Kendall “Rated R” Holt to talk to about his upcoming bout against tough veteran Golden Johnson, only to be informed that Johnson has backed out of the fight. Holt, a promising Patterson, NJ native has his eyes set on bigger things down the road, like a match up against undefeated 1996 U.S. Olympian David Diaz on February 4th for the number two spot in the WBO. Read on as Kendall gives us what’s new to come with him in the upcoming future.

RC: Kendall what’s going on? How excited are you about making your return to T.V. on December 9th against Golden Johnson?

KH: You want me to tell you the bullshit that is going on right now? Golden Johnson backed out, but I also have some good news.  They originally had Demetrius (Hopkins) going to fight David Diaz, but now they are trying to put me in there February 4th, 2005 in a ShoBox main event for the #2 spot in the WBO.

RC: So that is the good news I am assuming…

KH: (Cutting in) yeah, that is the good news, but the bad news is that the December 9th Darwish Brothers show, they said they only have a slot for a six rounder, and I told Dino (Duva) yeah I will take it because I want to get some work in before the end of the year, but now nobody wants to fight me in a six round fight.

RC: I ran into Paul Malignaggi the other day and he asked what was up with you, is that a fight you…

KH: (Cutting in) Yo, I had a dream with Paulie in it the other day.

RC: (I start to laugh) You and Paulie are starting to worry me, he is asking about you and you are telling me that you had a dream about…

KH: (Cutting in) laughing, yo I have always had dreams about being a world champion but this is the first time I seen the belt inside of my dream. It was the WBC world championship belt.

RC:  Strange enough, Paulie happens to be fighting for the WBC inte…

KH: (Cutting in again) nah listen this is what happen. I was at his fight, and his opponent pulled out the night of the fight. So DiBella came up to me and said “Do you want to fight? You have been talking all of that shit, do you want to fight” and I said hell yeah. U jumped in the ring, with Boots, jeans and every mother fucking thing on, then Paulie jumped into the ring with his belt around his waist and my girl elbowed me and woke me up.

RC: (Start to laugh) So what happened?

KH: It happened right before the fight, but the funny thing is before they put me in as his opponent, I was in his corner and I was in his dressing room telling him “Yeah you are going to win this fight” I was giving him advice and everything I was telling him all you have to do is box him, stay calm and be calm and just box the shit out of him.

RC: Now back to reality, will you be fighting next week?

KH: It is not looking promising. Lou (Duva) told the people that he would double whatever they put up, but nobody wants to fight me in a six round fight. Lou was saying they guy see a with a 16-1 record, they are not thinking about a six round fight, and they are thinking they can make a little bit f money. I guess what they are offering isn’t grabbing anyone’s attention.

RC: Are you at least training in case you do get a last minute opponent?

KH: I training like I already have an opponent, that is what I am training like, like I got an opponent and the fight is already signed and sealed.

RC: With no opponent, for next weeks fight, how are you managing to stay focused?

KH: Because all of the other times I didn’t have opponent to fight, I got lackadaisical in the gym, then when I did get a fight, I didn’t perform to the best of my ability the way I know I can perform, and I have so many good things happening right now. 

RC: You seem to be in much better spirits now a day what do you attribute that to?

KH: My lose, I took that as a learning experience because my training habits have improved so much , and my mentality towards the boxing game I think it did more to help me, than it did to help me.


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