Kendall Holt says he'd stop Vivian Harris

By G. Leon


Kendall Holt says he'd stop Vivian Harris

GL: what's the latest and greatest with Kendall Holt? "The latest is I'm off the Peter-Toney card and the greatest is me, but hey I'm just sitting here waiting for the phone call letting me know who, when and where."

GL: So you have no idea when you're next fight is going to take place?

Kendall Holt: "What was told to me was that the WBO said I could fight Mike Arnaoutis for the mandatory. But to me, there's no reason for me to fight Mike because he just lost and second of all, we offered him the fight before and he turned it down. I don't think I should have to fight him to challenge for the title, but if that's the way it has to be he could get it."

GL: I've been hearing about that fight through the grapevine, so there is validity to that.

KH: "Yeah, definitely. The last I heard was he had a week to accept the fight or we would be able to fight anybody else in the top ten. Everybody ranked ahead of me already turned the fight down. Corrales turned it down, but Arnaoutis knows I'm ready all he needs to do is accept the fight."

GL: What did you think about his fight with Torres?

KH: "I didn't even see the fight yet. A lot of people are asking me about that fight but I haven't seen it. I'm waiting for that tape, but I have seen him fight before so I know about him. He's a tough southpaw and he's durable but I know he ain't ready for me."

GL: What are your goals for 07?

KH: "My goal is to become world champion and now I'm literally one fight away. After Ricardo Torres won the title, Dino and Bob Arum were in discussion to put me with Ricardo Torres, but he hurt his hand so I'm not sure what's going on with him. I'm ready for whoever, whenever."

GL: You originally supposed to be the televised co-feature to the Peter-Toney rematch, what happened?

KH: "They told me it was because there was no opponent and bad timing. But my whole thing is, I think if Don King and Dino didn't make that deal I would be on the show."

GL: Are you saying that you feel Don King's deal with Dino is hurting you?

KH: "I think the deal with Don King and Dino Duva hurt me getting on Showtime on January 6, yes."

GL: But doesn't King now have an interest in seeing you flourish?

KH: "Nah, I'm going to be real because I'm a real person. They made the deal and whatever, but if I don't have a championship belt, Don isn't going to care what I do. To me his whole thing with the deal is about Samuel Peter. I'm just in the mix and he doesn't care about me. If I get that title belt then I become a factor, but right now I'm flying under the radar. If anyone reading this interview doesn't like it that's too bad because this is real. This is how I feel about what's going on, I could be wrong and that's what I feel."

"Before I said there was only so long these fake champions pretend so they're not going to be able to deny me much longer. A lot of guys have been world champions and not wanted to fight me and then there's other guys who say the title doesn't mean as much as it used to but it does for me."

GL: Vivian Harris is always looking for a fight, is that a fight that would interest you?

KH: "I know he's number one in the WBC and that's probably the option he's going to explore but if you're asking me if I'll fight Vicious Vivian Harris, the answer is yes. If that fight was offered to me I would take it. He's a former world champion and he would only further solidify me as championship material."

GL: How do you think that fight would play out?

KH: "Vivian Harris...he could get knocked out. He's a good fighter and he's done some good things, but all he's going to be looking for is that right hand. When he's landed it and hasn't hurt me in six or seven rounds it's over for him because he doesn't have a Plan B."

GL: Would you prefer to fight Harris over Arnaoutis?

KH: "Yes, only because he has better credentials and he's a former world champion. I'd beat both of them but if I had my choice I would rather fight Harris."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

KH: "I'd like to thank my fans for all their support, I'm going to keep getting better with each performance so expect big things in 2007."


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