Kendall Holt off February 24th Turning Stone card

Ray O. Campbell Jr.


Kendall Holt off February 24th Turning Stone card

Holt: Arnaoutis is soft like Baby Food

RC: Kendall, What’s going on?
KH: Just chilling, I had to pull out my fight for next Friday. I missed two and a half weeks of conditioning because of tendonitis and a tendon in my left hamstring was bothering me. I thought I was going to be able to fight, and I was still doing light training but I don’t feel that I have the conditioning to go out there. So the best thing for me to do was pull out because I didn’t want to go out there and disappoint the fans by putting on a sloppy show.

RC: When will you be able to train again?
KH: The doctor told me to lay off running and doing sprints, and he gave me some medication to take for two weeks, and this week coming up my two weeks should be up. I still have been doing light training, but I stay off my legs the majority of the day. Once in a while it will start bothering me, but it has been feeling a little better.

RC: How long before you will be able to actually get back into the ring and fight?
KH: Well actually Dino (Duva) can start setting up a fight for me now because my hamstring has gotten better and I will start sparring again in maybe a week and a half from now.

RC: So the reason you are actually pulling out of this fight is bec…..
KH: (Cutting in) because my condition is not where it needs to be due to this injury. Another thing is the calcium deposits in my shoulder, I went and got a cortisone shot for that and it has been a week already, and I still feel pain in my shoulders. That was my third shot. In my last two fights I fought with my shoulder like that, after getting the shots, and the doctor is telling me that I have to give it another week for the medication to really take effect. Then he said if it doesn’t feel better he is going to have to go in there and remove the calcium deposits. So I am a little banged up right now.

RC: How disappointed are you that you won’t get to fight on Friday night after being out for five months?
KH: I am very disappointed. I really wanted to fight because I have been out for five months, but God probably has a reason for making my hamstring and my shoulder act up. But I will still be in the gym; the Kid (referring to himself) still wants to fight Mike Arnaoutis. Coming up soon I will be training with Ike Quartey getting world class sparring, I think I am still suppose to be going to spar with Zab to get ready for Pretty boy, so the kid is going to be in tip top shape for his next go round. I want Mike Arnaoutis to put that NABO belt on the line, and I will put mine on the line because I want his. Paulie (Malignaggi) just got another belt and I want two of them too.

RC: Speaking of Paulie, what did you think of his performance the other night?
KH: Man that boy did his thing. I looked at every boxing website that I know of. I looked for so many Paulie haters to come out of the wood works. You cannot say one bad thing about his performance. I don’t care how much you hate him, no body can say one think about that boy’s performance because he did his thing. He stuck to the game plan, and he did his damn thing. I don’t care how much you hate him; you got to give him his props for that performance right there. I scored the fight; I scored it 99-91. The boy did his thing.

RC: Mike Arnaoutis is currently ranked higher than you in the WBO, what do you think the chances are of his team taking a chance and fighting you, seeing as how a win over you would do nothing for them as far as moving up in the ranking?
KH: Yo, everybody in this division claims they are the best But nobody wants to fight anybody. The last guy he fought on a Pay Per View, the guy had one winning record on his resume. Are you telling me he can get props off of that? Are you serious? You mean to tell me he can move up in rankings off of the guy he fought. I mean we expect him to go out there and annihilate guys like that. Don’t we? Come on now, that is not an opponent for a guy that says he is the best and says he wants to fight Cotto.

RC: Have you expressed your desire to fight Arnaoutis to you promoter at all?
KH: Well… Dino knows, I done told him I will fight anybody. ANYBODY who is out there that wants to fight, as long as it is on T.V. and it makes good business sense, I am there. Fighting Mike Arnaoutis makes good business sense, I am there. Fighting anybody ranked ahead of me make good business sense. He claims he is the best in the division. Tell him the people said “We don’t believe you” and I agree because to me he is soft like Baby food. He needs to fight somebody, and he is in Jersey too, come on now I am the King of New Jersey. He is like a pop tart, hard on the outside and soft in the middle. Let me get at him, and this isn’t personal this is business. I need to climb on top of his shoulders, put him underneath me, so I can get where I need to be.

RC: How would a fight the two of you play out?
KH: (Rhetorically) how would it play out? You know the first thing I would do, I would go right to him real tense and act like I am about to throw a shot, what for him to respond and just make him miss. Then I’ll back up and start laughing like oh oh this is going to be an easy night. You know the kid (referring to himself again) throws that real thunder. I will make him swing, back up with my hands down, look at the camera and look at the judges like ooh this is going to be a long night for this kid. Then you know, I will go to the center of the ring and do what I do best, and that’s bang his **explicit** up.

RC: Will it go the distance?
KH: Nah, if he does he does but in my last couple of fights I have been boxing safe because of my shoulder. My shoulder has been messed up but once I get it back right, the kid is going to show you something. I don’t box to go to the 10 or 12th round. They put a limit on matches, but boxing is really about the knockouts. They put a limit and if nobody gets knocked out in a certain amount of time, they look to see who got their **explicit** whooped the worse and that is how they determine who wins. But with me, I want to take somebody’s head off. I want to lay somebody down. People want to see people get their head knocked off; they want to see some body get their snot box smashed in. People want to see blood running out of somebody’s nose. I am going to make a highlight reel with my next opponents. Then I am going to put all of it on my new website that I want you’ll to go check out its.


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