Kendall Holt fires right back at Harris!

By G. Leon


Kendall Holt fires right back at Harris!

GL: I understand you want to respond to Vivian Harris. Tell us what you'd like to say. "My boy called me and told me what "Vicious" Vivian Harris said. First of all I'm not a hater I gave him his props and nobody was going behind his back talking shit about him. The question was asked if he's somebody that I'd fight and I said hell yeah I'd fight him. But for him to be talking about fighting him for the payday, I mean who fights Vivian Harris for a payday? What kind of payday would I get fighting him. Ricky Hatton is the cash cow of the division and Corrales and Castillo are bigger than him. I'm not going by his last fight. His first mistake is thinking I don't hit hard, that's where he f**ked up.

"And tell him I'm not a runner, I box. I'm not like him who only has a right hand. I'm not like him, I'm not a one dimensional fighter, I'm a multi-dimesional fighter and it's like I said all he would be doing is looking for the right hand and he'd still be looking for it after they hand in the scorecards. He's not a big payday for nobody and nobody is talking about him behind his f**kin back. If I did see him I would tell him I'd fight him to his face. He puts no fear in anybody. His people have been calling me for sparring, but if he wouldn't have been scared to come into the gym when him and Zab was beefing he could've gotten some good sparring. But from what I hear he was scared to come into the gym because he was beefing with Zab. Tell him to watch what he says because he puts no fear in anybody. Why wouldn't he want to fight me I'm a top rated contender? I give props where props are due and I congratulated him when I saw him. You asked me if I would fight him, I said yeah and then you asked me how I felt the fight would play out and I told you. So what? If he don't like that let him get in the ring and try to shut me up.

"This is the business of boxing, but if you got a problem with somebody you could fight it out. It's just like the streets except it's legal. He's not a payday, he's just a good win for me. He was talking mad shit about Mayweather and he got knocked out on his undercard. All fighters are exciting fighters, but he got knocked out trying to impress every f**kig body. That's what happens when you're too overanxious and overzealous. I would fight him and I would beat him point blank. I don't back down from no fight. I don't back down, I lay backs down. If I see him at the fights I will walk up to him and shake his hand, but if this becomes an ongoing thing I'll ask him what he wants. Does he want to get it on right here or does he want to get it on later?


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