Kelvin Davis-O'Neil Bell Still Not Signed, Likely Off

By G. Leon


Kelvin Davis-O'Neil Bell Still Not Signed, Likely Off

Manager Kelly Davis Lashes Out On Boxingtalk!

GL: What's going on Kelly? What's the status of your next fight? "We're still struggling to get this contract situated. We just want to let all of our fans know that we want to make this fight and we've agreed to this fight several times, but DKP refuses to give us a fight contract. They keep giving us a promotional deal and they won't let the fight go on if we don't sign it. He wants us to sign on a promotional deal giving him however many options for however many years and things of that nature. We want to fight, and all we're looking to sign is a fight contract. We've been sitting eight months and he hasn't come through and gotten us a fight. We moved into the bankruptcy side of it to stop the bleeding. Nothing was scheduled and we couldn't defend our belts. We've tried to defend our title on September 4, October 2, November 13, January 15 and now February 5, but we still don't know where we're supposed to be going with the fight game."

"We've also sent several letters to the IBF letting them know that we're available to fight and we're ready to fight regardless of what's going on. We're training now in Las Vegas."

GL: In most cases when a fighter files for bankruptcy, he ends up leaving his promoter. Don't you think King is sending you this agreement to make sure he's going to be your promoter regardless of the bankruptcy?

Kelly Davis: "The thing about is, we didn't have any fights for DKP in the last eight months. As soon as we won the belt last May 1, we volunteered to fight within the next few months after that. We're thinking once you win the title, you could fight more often but it's not like that. It's a rude awakening, once you win the title you're sitting on the shelf."

GL: Some people look at your situation and think, why would they file for bankruptcy when they're about to defend their title for over six figures in their next fight...

KD: (cutting in) "But people don't understand, we've been pulled out of every fight card we volunteered for. We even tried to stop the IBF from agreeing to the O'Neil Bell-Ezra Sellers elimination bout on Septemeber 4. We were volunteering for the fight and what the hell did Ezra Sellers do against Kelivn to get right back into a fight like that? We should have fought Bell on that card and we've been trying to fight this guy for the past couple of years."

"We're in training camp right now and I don't even know where the February 5 fight stands. But that hasn't stopped us from working everyday, sparring and doing the things we need to do. We're still going to be in St. Louis and we're going to rock the house. We're going to steal the show at the press conference and we're going to let everybody there know we're here to fight.

GL: So you're going to St. Louis out of your own pocket even though you don't have a signed bout agreement?

KD: "You're damn right! We're coming to rock the house. We're going to wreck the press conference and I want you to let them know we're going to be there and we're going there to fight. I don't give a damn what papers are signed we're going to be there."

"After only seven amateur fights people never thought we would make it, but we're here now. We have the belt and we want to fight. This trying to lock the fighter down for the rest of his life, those things need to stop."

GL: Will Kelvin remain with DKP?

KD: "We're not with DKP now! That's why they want us to do another promotional deal. But why would we want to sign another promotional deal when they've never followed through on the first one? What sense does it make to sign another deal when every fight we were supposed to have got pushed back."


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