Kelly Pavlik: "I'm coming to take care of business!"

By G. Leon


Kelly Pavlik: "I'm coming to take care of business!"

GL: We're just a few days away from your first defense against Gary Lockett, how was training camp and what can we expect to see from you on Saturday night? "Training camp went great. We've taken this fight like is was the first Taylor fight and training camp was brutal. My body feels good, my muscles have healed and gotten back to normal, my weight is low and everything is going good."

GL: After several big fights in a row, was it difficult to maintain the same intensity during training camp for a guy like Lockett who the American public knows nothing about?

Kelly Pavlik: "I think it's even more important to have an intense training camp, people don't know him but he's a very strong and intense fighter and I have to be ready to go out there and beat him and beat him convincingly. That makes you go to training camp that much harder to go in there and show them who we are and what we're about and it's no joke. I have to take care of business."

GL: Nobody over here knows anything about him. but I'm sure you've watched him on film, what can you tell us about Gary Lockett?

KP: "I watched like four or five different films. He's got some speed but not he's not really fast, he's got some pop but I don't think he's as powerful as they say he is. He's got a couple of flaws, but other than that he's a solid fight. This is going to be the best Gary Lockett that anybody has faced, because now he's getting his shot at the world title and that's why we prepared the way we have for this fight."

GL: After fighting the Jermain rematch at 166 was it more difficult than ever to make 160?

KP: "No actually, the way we trained and went about doing it our weight is way lower than we expected it to be right now."

GL: What are you hoping a victory over Lockett sets up?

KP: "I have no idea right now. There's so many other things out there, but my focus right now is definitely on Gary Lockett. But whatever the promoters have afterwards we'll look at that."

GL: Does this fight go the distance?

KP: "You know my answer, I'm always going in there for the W."

GL: Does this W come withing twelve rounds?

KP: "If it does, believe me I'll be happy as hell to take it, but if not we'll definitely come away with the victory."

GL: Closing thoughts?

KP: "Tune into HBO on Saturday night, the fans know my style and know I come to fight every fight and give 110% into it. Stick around.


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