Keenan Collins looking to KO Delvin Rodriguez

By Matt Goldstein


Keenan Collins looking to KO Delvin Rodriguez

After coming off of a split decision loss to a southpaw in a weight class probably too high, Keenan Collins, 12-2-1 with 8 KOs, has accepted the fight of his life.   Collins will be taking on talented Delvin Rodriguez, 20-2-1 with 12 KOs in the main event on ESPN2's Friday Night Fights.  Delvin is also coming off of a loss which was by KO at the hands of Jesse Feliciano back in March.   Collins, who is clearly the underdog, vows that he coming to bring the fight.

"If anybody is coming to see this fight that knows Delvin and doesn't know me, and expects him to walk through an easy fight they got another thing coming.  I'm going to fight. I'm going to fight to the end.  We are going to war," explained the often soft spoken Collins.  "I am going to box him but if that doesn't work I'll go to war.  If they don't know who I am then they are going to find out.  And when they find out it will be too late.  We're gonna fight and that's it.  I'm coming to fight!  I'm coming to bang!"

Collins has very good power at welterweight and also has freakishly long reach for that division.  If Keenan is to pose serious problems for Rodriguez, he will have to either land a big shot, or he will have use his distance and box from the outside.   Collins' trainer Marshall Kauffman discussed the match up and believes his underdog has a real shot.  "I think he's ready because he has an opportunity to do something big.  Delvin is also coming off of a loss, a KO loss specifically. And Keenan is a big puncher; he's got the power to KO Rodriguez.  Keenan is 30 years old and he's got everything to gain in this fight.   Delvin has everything to lose.  Delvin is a very good offensive fighter but he's got a lot of weaknesses and his biggest weakness is his chin," explained Kauffman.  

Team Collins will be looking for the big shot and they will be looking for it early.  Kauffman explained in more detail, "I think Keenan's going to have to come out very aggressive and show Delvin that he is the boss of the fight.  Keenan has to be coachable and listen to the game plan.  I think Keenan can expose Delvin and take advantage of Delvin.  Rodriguez does have the experience so we want to get the KO. I'm excited for the opportunity and I believe Keenan will do well."

Keenan certainly has the physical attributes and athletic ability to take on big opponents at the welterweight division.  Criticisms of Collins in that past have been that he is too tentative in the ring and does not listen to his coaches, Marshall and son Jason Kauffman, both of which play a very important role in Keenan's career.   Collins has been in the hands of world class trainers since he threw his first punch and he has gotten some of the best sparring any fighter can ask for which have included the likes of Kermit Cintron, Antonio Margarito, Joshua Clottey and even his future opponent Delvin Rodriguez.   This writer has personally seen Keenan spar some of these big names and can attest to Collins not only causing them problems, but hurting many of them. If Collins pulls off the upset Friday night on national TV, credit to the entire team will be warranted because it is not always the easiest thing to turn sheer athletic ability into big wins in the fight game.  Discipline, experience and a fighter who follows the game plan of his corner are necessary.  Many will be shocked if Collins pulls off the upset, but not those who understand his talent and abilities.           


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