Kauffman speaks on Cintron split!

By Matthew Goldstein


Kauffman speaks on Cintron split!

After a seven year relationship, a championship run and a 25-1 record, Kermit Cintron and Marshal Kauffman have parted ways.  Kauffman, who is building a stable of championship caliber fighters as a trainer and a manager, speaks out about the relationship with the athletically gifted welterweight exclusively on boxingtalk. 

Matthew Goldstein: Why did you and Kermit Cintron part ways?

Marshal Kauffman: Kermit wanted to do it his way. From Kermit's words, he said I was not doing a good job managing and training him anymore.

Matthew Goldstein: What did he say specifically?

Marshal Kauffman: He felt that since the separation with Joe Pastore I wasn't doing the same job as a manager.

Matthew Goldstein: Isn't it true that he was upset that you weren't getting him fights?

Marshal Kauffman: Yes.

Matthew Goldstein: Considering Cintron is under contract with Bobby Bostick, isn't impossible for you to get him fights?

Marshal Kauffman: Yes it is. He has an obligation to Bobby Bostick, to fight for Bobby Bostick.

Matthew Goldstein: Doesn't this essentially mean that you can only entertain offers brought to you by Bobby Bostick?

Marshal Kauffman: Yes, as long as Bobby Bostick approves of them.

Matthew Goldstein: Do you think Emanuel Steward will be a good trainer for Kermit Cintron?

Marshal Kauffman: I don't think Emanuel Steward or myself, or any other trainer can give Kermit what he needs. Kermit can only get what he needs from the Wizard of OZ. I think Kermit is a very talented fighter. He is probably the hardest hitter in the welterweight division. He has a great chin and a very athletic boxer as well. He needed a team behind him like me and Joe that loved him and cared about him and showed that it was a working team. Now Kermit has decided to do it his way. I wish Kermit the best in the world and I hope Kermit is happy with his choice. Only time will tell.

It feels good knowing that I did the job that I did taking someone like Kermit who was just a college wrestler and taking him to the championship level. I did all that in four years and it's a great feeling. Not only did I help put him on the map, he put me on the map. I wish him the best.