Kassim Ouma: Down but not out!

By G. Leon


Kassim Ouma: Down but not out!

"I did not lose that fight!"

GL: Can you give us some thoughts on your recent performance against Corneilus Bundrage? "I didn't lose to Corneilus Bundrage. Kassim Ouma did not do that. It did not happen like that. They gave him the fight for some reason but in my heart I don't believe I lost any of my last two fights. I beat him, I didn't lose."

GL: Do you feel that you were at your best for the fight?

Kassim Ouma: "I didn't have nothing bothering me. I felt good and I beat him. I beat Corneilus, they just gave him the fight. Maybe they had it mistaken or something, but I feel I beat him."

GL: This was your third loss in a row, how big of a setback is this and where do you go from here?

KO: "It's pretty much a setback, but I'm not going to be mad. I'm going to be out there training and I know a fight will come to me. Right now I'm going to take my time and take it easy. I didn't look good, but I won the fight. I don't know why I didn't get the decision."

GL: What's the game plan now?

KO: "I'm still here, right now I'm waiting to fight. I know my documentary is premiering on April 24 in New York City and I will be there to spend time with you guys in New York. I'm just right here and I still got a lot to do."

GL: Closing thoughts?

KO: "I'm sorry to my fans if I let you down, but I don't think I let you down because I know I won that fight. I wish the best for Corneilus Bundrage and I hope good things happen to him. I was smiling in the ring, because I don't like to complain. I will be back soon."


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