Kassim Ouma's Promise to fans: "I will not let you down!"

By G. Leon


Kassim Ouma's Promise to fans: "I will not let you down!"

GL: We're less than a month away from the biggest fight of your life. How are you feeling and how has camp been going? "Camp has been good, this is the longest I've been in camp and I would say this is the best I've felt before a fight. Everybody knows that he's the champion and I see what he's been saying I'm not trying to talk too much. I'm just going to go over there to fight my fight and leave as the undisputed middleweight champion of the world."

GL: You're not talking too much, but when you came to my house you said you were going to cut his head off.

Kassim Ouma: "I know, I know G, but that was before. Now I'm training harder than ever and I know what he thinks he's going to be able to do so he better find a plan B.

GL: On December 9 you plan on becoming the middleweight champion of the world, does that mean you're done at 154?

KO: "No more at 154."

GL: Do you feel like you're going to be a strong middleweight? Is there anything you're doing differently to make yourself stronger at this weight?

KO: "I am already a middleweight right now. No matter how big or small a middleweight I am, I am a middleweight now and still. And to be honest with you I'm losing weight to make 160. Right now I'm walking around at like 170."

GL: Who are you sparring with for this fight?

KO: "I'm sparring with nothing but light heavyweights and super middleweights. I don't really want to mention any names but I'm getting really good work out here."

GL: Some people think it's going to be tough for you to win a decision in Little Rock when Winky Wright couldn't get the decision in Memphis. Are your people seeing to it that the WBC appoints competent officials?

KO: "Pretty much I think my people will be on top of it, but I'm going there to fight and I just want everyon to play fair. I'm going to fight as hard as I can so nobody can steal my fight."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

KO: "To all the fans of Kassim Ouma, thanks for always supporting me and I won't let you down on December 9. Keep reading Boxingtalk, I'm not doing any interviews right now but I always give it to Boxingtalk so keep reading my boy G. Leon."a


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