Kaddour Rips The Contender


Kaddour Rips The Contender

PRESS RELEASE: Ahmed Kaddour, better known as "Baby Face" from the since-canceled NBC reality series, "The Contender," will fight for the first time since losing twice on the show when he fights an eight-rounder against an opponent to be named on July 22 at the Chumash Casino Resort in Santa Ynez, Calif., on Showtime's SHOBox (11 PM ET/PT).

Kaddour (18-2, 9 KOs) remains colorful and outspoken and said he's excited to be fighting again. He hasn't fought since his last fight on "The Contender" on Sept. 1.

Kaddour said he felt used by "The Contender," said he wants nothing to do with Hollywood and ripped Las Vegan Ishe Smith, with whom he developed a fierce rivalry on the show.

"I might have lost, but it made me wake up to the light and see what Hollywood is all about," Kaddour said. "It's all bull. It's nothing but fake. So many different people took advantage of me, or they tried to. They promised me this and promised me that, but it was all bull. I got to know Sly (Stallone) and Sugar Ray Leonard, but so what? They're not paying my bills.

"There are a lot of rude and mean people in Los Angeles. I don't want to be there again any more, not unless I have to."

Kaddour said the show was edited poorly and didn't portray the fights accurately. In addition, he said producers intentionally tried to make him look like a bad guy, even though he charged that Smith initiated much of the controversy between the two.

He was clear that he hasn't forgiven Smith, who won a unanimous five-round decision over him.

"If I saw him on the street today, I'd kill him," Kaddour said. "Well, I wouldn't kill him, because I wouldn't want to waste my time. But I'd rip his lungs out. I hate the guy. He knows what I'd do to him. That's why he won't come near me."