KING TELLS TRINIDAD: "We're fighting Winky Wright on March 19!"

By G. Leon


KING TELLS TRINIDAD: "We're fighting Winky Wright on March 19!"

BUT WINKY SAYS: "Don King is still playing games!"

Despite several conflicting reports floating around the press regarding Felix Trinidad's next fight, was able to get the real deal regarding the Puerto Rican superstar's next move. Trinidad was originally scheduled to fight on March 12, but Madison Square Garden already had a concert scheduled that day, so March 19 became the working date. Just minutes ago, Felix Trinidad Sr. told that Team Trinidad gave Don King until last weekend to make a fight for March 19, when Sunday came and went, Trinidad Sr. told a Puerto Rican newspaper that Trinidad would be fighting in April or May. Last night, sources indicated to BT that DKP may have reached an agreement to stage Trinidad-Wright on March 19. We contacted Don Felix Trinidad Sr, who confirmed the information stating "I just got off the phone with our attorney Nicolas Medina, and he told me that Don King said he made the deal. Even though he's a day later, we have no problem. Tito Trinidad is going to be fighting Winky Wright on March 19," said Trinidad's father, manager and trainer. Trinidad's remarks turned out to be the beginning of an interesting night of back and forth conversations between Felix Trinidad Sr. and Winky Wright!

After thinking Papa Trinidad just gave the biggest scoop in boxing, we contacted Winky Wright on his cell phone to find out what changes, if any, were made to the $3M he turned down. However, Winky surprised us when he said the deal still wasn't Wright.

"Nothing's changed. We don't have no deal for the fight, Don King is still playing games," said an angry Wright, who later told that only he and attorney Jim Wilkes were authorized to make deals on his behalf.

"I don't have a promoter, and no one has made the deal with me or my attorney, so there is no deal. I want the fight, Trinidad wants the fight, but Don King is just playing games" again contacted Papa Trinidad to tell him what Wright had just told us.

Trinidad Sr. kept it simple as he set a second deadline for King and Wright with a very serious tone.

"Don King called our attorney tonight to say we have a deal to fight Winky Wright on March 19. It is my understanding that Don King increased his offer to $4M in order to get it done. In either case, if the contract is not signed by  the time I go to Monterey (Mexico) for the Holiday's on Wednesday, then Tito Trinidad will not be fighting on March 19 and we'll have to start working for a later (April or May) date. But if the deal is already done, everything should be fine by the time I get on the plane."

In our efforts to provide you with the most accurate, up to the minute information in boxing, we again contacted Wright as the clock reached the midnight hour. 

Wright maintained that Don King was playing games, because the offer hadn't changed one bit. "Nobody has contacted me or my attorney, so there is no deal yet. I want the fight, Tito wants the fight, now Don King just has to come correct!" will continue to keep you updated, until then remember where you heard it all first!

Several calls were placed to Don King, but he was unavailable for immediate comment.


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