Judah promoter responds to Team Galvan's allegations


Judah promoter responds to Team Galvan's allegations

PRESS RELEASE: TUNICA, MS In response to the recent allegations made by Octavious James and One In A million Promotions in regards to the April 13th Ruben Galvan versus Zab Judah bout Prize Fight Boxing has issued this response. First and foremost Ruben Galvan has been paid in full by Prize Fight. Ruben received his check from Prize Fight employee Jamie Diaz before he ever left Fitzgerald’s Casino in Tunica, MS. As has been reported there were many mitigating factors that went into the confusion of the night. Originally the Galvan/Judah bout was slated to be outside on the banks of the Mississippi River. Unfortunately severe weather entered the Tunica region just mere hours before fight time forcing the bout to be moved inside the Fitzgerald’s ballroom. The fight, which was slated to be the main event on ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights, was put in jeopardy as representatives from Fitzgerald’s, Prize Fight and ESPN met to determine the feasibility of broadcasting the show on such short notice from the ballroom.

As this meeting took place a massive undertaking was under way in attempt to make the ballroom suitable for all of the paying audience as well as making the ballroom appropriate for an ESPN telecast. This undertaking included setting up the ring, lights, sound, chairs and all of the other essential production equipment necessary for ESPN to pull off the broadcast. The fights began as the massive operation was still taking place. To add to the confusion of the evening the Galvan/Judah bout ended in a controversial no contest as ruled by the Mississippi Athletic Commission when Galvan received a cut over his eye just one minute into the scheduled 10 round bout. Amidst all of the confusion it was explained by Brian Young to Octavious James and Ruben Galvan that the checks had been written and would be issued upon his understanding of Mississippi Athletic Commission’s ruling on a no contest and on whether or not ESPN was still set to pay the pre-arranged site fee based upon the unexpected outcome of the bout and the weather. At this time Zab Judah’s check had not been issued either.

Mr. Judah’s check was held as well until all of the questions were answered. Mr. Young assured James and Galvan that he believed everything would work out fine but that he just needed some time to sort through the happenings of the night. When all of the questions were answered by all the parties there was never a question in Prize Fight’s mind that they were gong to pay all the monies owed to Ruben Galvan. Through all the mega shows that Prize Fight has done throughout the years not one person has not been paid for their services in relation to the event as long as they held up to their end of the contractual obligation. Therefore, once it was determined that all parties had met all contractual obligations all monies were released.

Prize Fight is saddened that Octavious James found it necessary to release these allegations to the media before the situation even had 3 hours to resolve itself. Prize Fight considers Mr. James to be a friend and has enjoyed doing business with him over the years but does not understand his concern over Prize Fight owning up to it’s contractual obligations.. All previous business dealings with Mr. James have been successful and Mr. James and the individuals he represents have always been paid in full in a timely manner. This situation is no different. Mr. Galvan was paid before he ever left the property of the venue. Prize Fight plans to appeal the Mississippi Athletic Commission’s ruling of a no contest and looks forward to the decision being reversed to a win for Zab Judah.