Judah explodes on Mayweather: The Transcript

By G. Leon


Judah explodes on Mayweather: The Transcript

With Floyd Mayweather's cell phone ringing in the background, Judah begins,  "I destroy motherf**kers in and out of the ring. For all you listeners out there we're attempting to call Floyd Mayweather Jr's phone right now. He got my phone locked in but he's acting like a bitch right now. He popped some shit and he got his ass into some shit he can't get out of."  The nextel customer you are trying to reach is unavailable, to which Judah replied, "Y'all know what he did, he pressed that button."

"He's popping shit like that, his pass just got revoked in New York. Word to my mother son, I better never catch that nigga in New York, that's word to my mother son. That niggaz pass is revoked, tell that nigga his pass has been revoked I ain't playing with that nigga and if I catch him I'm going to break his jaw. Who the fuck is he talking to like that? I've been trying to call that pussy phone right now, tell that bitch to pick up

"I ain't playing with that nigga, yo who the fuck he talking to like that? All that boxing talk and shit I'm the wrong nigga for that. I'm telling you right now his pass to New York has been revoked, if I catch that nigga I'm going to put his career on hold, I promise you that on everything I love.

"Talking about what he did to me in the gym? Who the fuck is he talking to like that? I'll put that niggaz career on hold, that's word to everything I love son it's a wrap. He better call me and apologize or it's a wrap. You know how I play. If that nigga don't call my phone and apologize it's a fucking wrap and it's on. If he wants to play gangsta then pop off my nigga. This is what I do for a living, I fuck niggaz up in and out of the ring. It's nothing to me, this is what the fuck I do.

"This shit is going to get ugly, I'll put him on hold for a minute, sit the fuck down nigga let them wounds heal up nigga. I don't play around with these niggaz, he's going on the record popping all that shit like it wasn't going to get back to me.

"He's talking about he's going to put the pictures on the website? Man what pictures? Suck my dick. Get that pussy nigga on the phone and I'll tell him to his fucking face, he got me fucked up right now.

"To go on the record on a boxing spot that the whole world watches like you're talking about a for sure. A nigga that knows how I get down, that's known me since I was a kid and seen me knock niggaz out in and out of the ring. He knows how I am and he knows how I am and he comes on the record disrespecting me, man don't get this boxing shit twisted, I'll put his fucking career on hold. If the pussy ass nigga don't call my phone, I promise you wherever I catch him I'm going to leave his ass there.

"He got me hot as a motherfucker right now, I'm at 100 degrees right now. The type of nigga he is, and the way he knows me I'm really surprised at him. He knows if I had a problem with someone I'd press them in their face, I don't hide and talk that he say she say said.

"I pops off anywhere, I mean we could do this at the MGM, the Bellagio, it's nothing to me. That nigga knows I won't stop, I'm like Jason, everytimg I see that nigga I'll fuck him up. I don't give a fuck yo, I'm already a villian, I've already been labeled a bad wolf so this shit means nothing to me.

"He said I said what I said, he said what he said, so fuck it let's pop off. Let's do it like the western style, take ten steps and draw my nigga.


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