Judah: "What do you think happened? Floyd aplogized, but that don't matter, let him come see me at 147 and he won't see no scorecards, just a big left hand knocking him senseless!"

By G. Leon


Judah: "What do you think happened? Floyd aplogized, but that don't matter, let him come see me at 147 and he won't see no scorecards, just a big left hand knocking him senseless!"

"If De La Hoya makes me an offer like he made Winky Wright, the fight would be on in a second!"

GL: The last time we spoke on the record, you exploded after hearing what Floyd Mayweather Jr. had to say. What's happened since then, have you and Floyd spoken? "Yeah, we spoke. We spoke later that night. I'm saying, what do you think happened G? Floyd apologized. But that don't matter, let him come see me at 147 and he won't see no scorecards, just a big left hand knocking him senseless. Of course he apologized, he  knew what time it was. But that frienship done went out the window and I don't got nothing to say to him until he signs a contract to fight me.

GL: Why did the Sharmba Mitchell fight fall apart?

Zab Judah: "The deal just wasn't right. I don't want to get into the numbers or nothing, but it wasn't right. I'm out here holding the undisputed welterweight championship of the world and I'm ready to make the really, really big fights that fans want to see. Don King is a great promoter and I know he can make it happen, I mean, he wants to make the big money and so do I we just need to work together.

"People want to see me fight Floyd Mayweather Jr., people want to see me fight Shane Mosley, people want to see me fight Oscar De La Hoya, people want to see me fight Miguel Cotto or Kostya Tszyu and I'm here to give these fights to the boxing fans all around the world. Those are the fights people stop me in the street talking about and I'm ready to deliver on all of them.

"And I want you to put it out there, all Oscar De La Hoya has to do is make me the same exact offer he made Winky Wright and the fight would be done in a second. I've BEEN wanting to fight Oscar and he said one thing and changed that all around completely. If Oscar's fighting at 147 I'll put all the belts up, just make me that offer you made Winky. Done in a second. And if he can't make 147 we could fight at 150, done in a second y'know what I'm saying?

GL: Let's move on to Floyd..

Zab Judah: (cutting in) "Naw  I'm not done with Oscar De La Hoya yet. Peoples was telling me about something y'all wrote about Don King and Oscar De La Hoya going to Puerto Rico to talk to Trinidad. Tito is retired, all they need to do is come to Brooklyn! Come straight to Brooklyn with that same deal and we could schedule the New York press conference right after we sign. I'd fight De La Hoya at Staples Center, Vegas, East LA, it wouldn't matter. He wouldn't finish the fight no different than Cory Spinks, with the referee jumping in to save his life, that I promise you.

GL: That sounds good, but De La Hoya isn't fighting until May 6, 2006...

ZJ: (cutting in again) "That's why I want to knock Floyd the f**k out on November 12 first.  I'm here to tell him he could stop looking for an opponent, here I am. People don't want to see me or Floyd fight Margarito they want to see me fight Floyd, period. Y'know what I'm saying?

"Arum needs to forget about Antonio Margarito  and Don King and him need to sit down and make it happen. He ain't going to need it because I'm going to knock Floyd the f**k out, but all King wants is a rematch clause so he ain't being crazy. If this fight don't happen ain't no other reason but Floyd and Bob Arum being scared to make it happen.

"As far as I'm concerned me and Floyd is the best two fighters in the world and I'm dying to show people they got it twisted for thinking he's number one right now. He's going to be #2 after this left hand touches his chin. I'm not Chop-Chop Corley, I hit hard and once I hurt him it's over.

"Remember, if this fight don't happen it won't be me turning it down. I'm ready for November 12, is Floyd ready to back up the shit he talked, because I am.  If he don't fight me on November 12, people should start calling him the pound for pound pussy of boxing, talking all that shit but scared to back it up for the undisputed welterweight championship of the world.


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