Juan Lazcano eager to return to the ring

By G. Leon


Juan Lazcano eager to return to the ring

GL: It's been a while since we've had you on the record. What's the latest and greatest and when can we expect to see you back in the ring? "I'm here and I want to fight the best fighters out there and the best fighters in the world. I've already proven that I can dance and boogie with the best of them. There are no mismatches out there for me. Even when they think I'm in too deep, I find a way to get it done. I'm looking to fight big fights. I believe the public has seen me. They know I had a six-year run where I didn't lose a fight. I went through my little spot where I didn't fight for a year after the Castillo fight. But I came back.  But I came back. It's been a challenge and everything's been fun and now that I know everything I know, I've learned a lot since I knew it all.

"I just want to make the best fights and become the champion of the world, which I believe I can. I want to be remembered as a great fighter who ducked no one."

GL: You haven't fought since you faced Vivian Harris. Is your inactivity starting to frustrate you?

Juan Lazcano: "If De La Hoya can be out a year and be as effective as he was...even though they said he didn't win the fight. It just goes to show that it all depends on the individual and how he handles his off time."

GL: As it relates to you have you been keeping yourself sharp in the gym during this time off? When can we expect to see you back in action?

JL: "I put a call into Golden Boy and hopefully they'll get back to me soon about making a big fight. I want to get busy here Leon and hopefully soon."

GL: Being that you haven't fought in a while are you looking to return in a couple of stay busy fights or will you immediately look to make a big fight?

JL: "Either way it goes I'm ready to embark on whatever journey it's going to be. Like I said I have to speak with my promoter, they have to get back to me on that. Whatever they have in mind, I'm ready for A or B. I feel real good and when I feel good watch out."

GL: Is there anybody you've got your sights set on?

JL: "There's so many great fights out there to be made and I just want to make the ones the fans and my promoter want most."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

JL: "I just want to tell all the fight fans that I'm going to be back in action really soon. It's going to be fun for them and they can look forward to great fights. Take care and thanks for all the support. Boxingtalk, I hate to say it, but it is above all right now at the top of the heap, like Frank Sinatra once said."


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