Juan Diaz: "Once I have all the belts how can anyone else be the champion?"

By G. Leon


Juan Diaz: "Once I have all the belts how can anyone else be the champion?"

Says Casamayor got greedy, targeting October return!

GL: What's the latest and greatest with the WBA and WBO lightweight champion of the world? "I've just been relaxing. I took a summer class and that ended, I got an A on it and now I'm just waiting to see what's going to happen and what my next step is going to be."

GL: When might we expect you back in the ring?

Juan Diaz: "Now there are talks about me possibly fight at the end of October against Julio Diaz."

GL: Would it be a unification bout?

JD: "The plan is, I would be putting up my titles and he would be putting up his. The next step that I want to do is to unify and be the only champion in the lightweight division."

GL: Casamayor doesn't hold any belt but is considered by many as the best lightweight in the world. Joel tells me that he's been trying to make a fight with you, but you don't want the fight. What's you take on that situation? And why aren't you looking to a fight with Casamayor?

JD: "I think Casamayor got greedy a couple of months ago. We offered him the fight for Showtime in March, but he got greedy and he didn't want to take the money that they were offering him. So they figured that they would make more money fighting Freitas so they headed in that direction. We thought we were going to be out of luck and I wasn't going to be able to fight any of those guys, but then the network said that they would rather see a fight with Freitas and myself. That's how all that came about, Casamayor never signed the contract to fight me because he thought he was going to fight Freitas for more money, but at the end he didn't get anything. He didn't get a fight with Freitas and he didn't get a fight with me."

GL: As far as you're concerend are you the real lightweight champion of the world?

JD: "Definitely. And if I were to capture all four of the belts, I would definitely feel like the undisputed champion. Once you have all the belts, it's doesn't matter what they say there's only one guy with all the belts. I believe the only reason Casamyor lost his title and lost his belts is because he was being greedy."

GL: So basically what you're saying is regardless of what anyone thinks, if you have all the belts, you're the only champion?

JD: "Yes. Once I have all the belts in my possesion, that's all I'm worrying about. I don't care about what the papers or critics say. Once I have all of the belts then I'll start considering who the papers want me to fight or anybody they think is better than me. My goals are to fight Julio Diaz in August and then fight the winner of David Diaz and Erik Morales as soon as I can. I wanted to get that in before the end of the year but since I"m going to be fighting in October, that's not going to be possible, so maybe I can get the winner of Morales-Diaz early next year."

GL: Diaz has a mandatory coming up with Nate Campbell, will that compicate the unification bout with Julio Diaz?

JD: "I don't think it will because Don King just signed Nate Campbell and I don't think he's really going to push for Nate Campbell to get that fight if he can have a bigger fight with Julio and myself."

GL: I appreciate the interview Juan, is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

JD: "I just want to tell the fans to look forward to a great fight in October. I'm not 100% sure who it's going to be, but most likely it will be Julio Diaz. Either way you can definitely look out for me in October."


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