Juan Diaz: "I will be back as soon as I heal"

WBA lightweight titlist likely out until July


Juan Diaz: "I will be back as soon as I heal"

By Jose "OnFire" Aguirre

Jose Aguirre: Juan, what can you tell us about the cut? "Aw man, I got that cut early in the morning today. Today I went to work out at ten thirty in the morning and I was sparring and everything was going good and next thing you know my sparring partner throws an uppercut and it happened to miss me but the end of the glove caught me and it scraped me and cut me. I started bleeding in the ring but went to the doctor right after that. He said that it was pretty bad and that he didn't want me to fight because he said that if he closed it up, it would close up in about three or four days but with a couple of punches it would open back up."

JA: What was your reaction immediately after the cut occured?

JD:"I started feeling something warm inside and then when the blood started going into my eye the first thing I said was Shit!! Everyone turned around and looked at me like what's wrong? As soon as they saw blood they took the headgear right away and saw I had a cut."

JA: How disappointed are you that so close to your fight with Ebo Elder which was to be on a ESPN pay-per-view show you sustain a cut?

JD:"I'm real disappointed because this is going to be ESPN's first pay-per-view. I was ready for it. I have been training for two months now for this fight and now I feel like all that training has gone down the drain. Now I won't be a part of history because history will be made on Saturday when ESPN does their first boxing pay-per-view."

JA: Where do you go from here? How much time do you need to heal and what kind of a timetable are you looking at?

JD:"The doctor said I can't get hit for a good two, three weeks. I'm just going to keep working out and my manager Willie Savannah said he's going to try and get me on a card in May or I'll just have to wait until July to the next fight."

JA: So the punch that caused the cut was a grazing uppercut?


JA: How did sparring go with Ramiro Cano before that?

JD:"That's the first guy I started sparring with since the beginning. I started two weeks earlier than I usually start sparring with him to get used to a southpaw. I have been sparring with him for five weeks now and I have never had any problem. We never even butted heads or anything like that. The closest thing I got to getting hurt from the southpaw stance was that we bumbed elbows one time but that was about it."

JA: How helpful was Ramiro Cano to your camp?

JD:"He was very helpful because he throws alot of punches and applies alot of pressure and that was helping me to kind of get my combinations off."

JA: So is there anything you want to say to your fans and the people all around the world on Boxingtalk.com?

JD:"I just want to tell them that things like this happen in the sport of boxing. I was ready. I'm just thankful that I made it to this point where there have been twenty seven fights that I was able to enter the ring without being hurt. I'm sorry that they won't be able to see me fight on Saturday night and put up a great show but I will be back as soon as I heal and I'm better."