Joshua Clottey speaks on domination of Corrales, future plans and more

By G. Leon


Joshua Clottey speaks on domination of Corrales, future plans and more

GL: Congratulations on your victory over Diego Corrales. Can you give us some thoughts on your performance? "First of all thanks very much for the interviews and everything you're doing for me. Talking about the performance, I knew this was my last chance like I told you so I made up my mind that I was going to go all out and that's exactly what I did."

GL: Was there anything about Diego that surprised you?

Joshua Clottey: "Yeah, when I was training at the gym somebody called me and said that he's planning to move around. In the fight he did that for the first round but then he started to fight. I was like 'whoa' he's really going for it. I was like fine if you want to fight with me let's go do it like that. All the punches he threw he never hurt me."

GL: During some of the middle rounds your workrate slowed and you were throwing less punches allowing him to get off. Were you saving your energy for the later rounds or trying to make him punch himself out?

JC: "I wanted him to keep fighting. He was coming to fight and he was fighting really good. I decided to relax on him. If I relax for him and start throwing the combinations because of the hand and foot speed he doesn't know what to do. I know what I'm doing in there."

GL: Obviously you want to fight all the big names at welterweight, after your last couple of performances on Showtime do you think they're really going to want to fight you?

JC: "The fans want to see good fights and I want to fight the best. All of them, I want to fight them all if they give me the chance now. There's a lot of names out there and I want to fight everybody who has the belts, I think a fight with me and Kermit Cintron would be best."

GL: What about a rematch with Antonio Margarito?

JC: "That is a fight I would love to make. There isn't a fight I want more but he's busy with his mandatory right now. But of course if he wins that fight and he does the right thing and gives me another opportunity that would be great. I always want to make the people happy and everytime I come to the ring I come to fight."

GL: Are you disappointed you didn't score the knockout?

JC: "I'm not disappointed. He just wanted to be a warrior, which sometimes is bad. You know you broke your jaw and you're still trying to come even though you're getting beaten badly. I know he's a warrior but you have to think about lasting and fighting that way he's not going to last too long. He wants to be a warrior but sometimes you have to think about tomorrow. That fight should have been stopped but he still wanted to go because he's a great fighter and a three time champion."

GL: How are your hands?

JC: "They're 100% right."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

JC: "I want to thank Boxingtalk for supporting me. God bless to all of my fans.


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