Joshua Clottey eager to take Cintron's strap!

By G. Leon


Joshua Clottey eager to take Cintron's strap!

GL:  Congratulations on your victory the other night over Shamone Alvarez.  Can you give us some thoughts on  your performance? "I think Shamone Alvarez can take a punch.  He took all my best shots, and survived for the 12th round.  The best thing for me is for me to wait, I'm waiting for for Cintron now."

GL:  Was there anything about Alvarez that surprised you?

Joshua Clottey:  I thought he can't punch, that's the only thing that surprised me.  He's not a hard puncher, if he hit me I felt it a little. 

GL:  You put a lot of work into the body, are your hands 100% still?

JC:  I threw a lot of punches, most of them to the body.  I didn't do anything to my hands, they are okay.  They're doing fine. 

GL:  When are you hoping to get the fight with Cintron in?

JC:  I think his next fight is in March.  He's said he's not going to fight anymore, but he's going to fight me.

GL:  Do you think the fight with Cintron is a do or die situation, based on how hard it's been for you to get a top fight?  Now that you've got the title shot, are you looking at it as a do or die, like you have to win this fight?  This is your career, basically.

JC:  That's right, it's exactly right.  You know me, this for me is the biggest fight of my life.  I'm going in there to do  my job.  I know for sure that I can beat Cintron, I know for sure and I will show the world what I know when we meet in the ring.

GL:  Are you dissapointed that you didn't knock Alvarez out?

JC:  Well, I tried my best to knock him out, so I'm not dissapointed.  I did my best against him, I tried to knock him out, but he was still taking the shots.  I had to take my time.

GL:  You're coming home, taking a litlle time off, and then back to work, right?

JC:  Exactly right.  I'll take my time, then I'm going back to the gym.

GL:  What do you think you would have to do differently against Cintron, than you did against Alvarez?

JC:  I know if I fight Cintron, I would do a lot of body work.  I'll use that a lot, because I know.  It's a problem getting this fight, I know the guy doesn't want to fight me.  I'm going to fight him, so my sparring and everything will be nice.  If I get there, I'm going to be a truck, victory or no victory.

GL:  Congratulations on your victory, give us some closing thoughts.

JC:  You are the best, and I thank you for all the interviews you have given to me.  I just want to say thanks to my fans, and BoxingTalk is the best.


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