Joshua Clottey: "Zab Judah has a problem!"

By G. Leon


Joshua Clottey: "Zab Judah has a problem!"

"I'm going to beat him until he quits on his stool!"

GL: What's the latest and greatest with Joshua Clottey? "The latest and greatest is, I'm looking forward to beating Zab Judah to become the IBF welterweight champion."

GL: Several months ago you and Zab Judah had several heated exchanges on Boxingtalk where he said he ran you out of the gym and the two of you were calling each other all sorts of names. How do you feel about the fight nearly being done?

Joshua Clottey: "I'm very, very happy. When my manager told me that Zab Judah took the fight, I said thank God. Because now he has a problem. He said he chased me out of the gym, now we're going to see if he can chase me out of the ring. I am coming with everything."

GL: So how do you think the fight will play out?

JC: "It's going to play out my way, the way I want it to be. I know Zab Judah very, very well and I've been wanting to fight him badly my whole life. Now I'm going to settle the score, he tried to fight me on the street and I said no, now it's time for me to teach him he can't beat me. I'm going force him to fight me."

GL: Do you think the fight goes the distance?

JC: "I don't really like to make predictions early, but I will beat him until he quits on his stool!"

GL: Are the stories of him running you out of the gym true?

JC: "I told him that I wanted to fight him and he came to the gym and wanted me to spar with him. I said no because I want to fight with you. He said when he wins the fight with Spinks he would fight me, and then when he won he didn't want to fight me."

GL: How will you deal with Judah most likely out talking you during this promotion?

JC: "I don't know how to talk trash, I leave that to him. When we get in the ring I will talk trash when my hands go and talk for me. My hands will talk trash for me."

GL: How was Africa?

JC: "I went out there to look after my mother, because she hasn't been feeling well. Thank God, now she is doing much better. I'm very happy that my mother is fine, but now I'm here for business and I'm going to be getting ready to fight the guy that I don't like most."

GL: How does it feel to finally be fighting for a world title after waiting for so long?

JC: "Boxing is tough, but none of the best wanted to fight me. This is a chance for me to show everybody that whoever the best is, I am among them. I am coming to the ring to perform when the time comes."

GL: Closing thoughts?

JC: "As usual, I really want to thank my fans and I really wanted them to come to the fight and see the fight, and also as usual I want to thank Leon and Boxingtalk."


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