Joshua Clottey: I want to fight the best, but they keep running from me

By G. Leon


Joshua Clottey: I want to fight the best, but they keep running from me

GL:  Tell us about it, the last time we spoke, you told us about a potential date on August 9th.  Is that still when you plan on returning to the ring, and who will you be fighting against? "I saw on the internet a guy named Jose Luis Cruz.  When I looked again I saw a different opponent from the first one.  I know that I'm fighting on August 9, and when the promoters agree on what they want to do I know who I'm fighting for sure, but I don't know yet, because I haven't signed the contract or seen a contract. 

GL:  Did you happen to see the fights last weekend?  The welterweights that were fighting on HBO?

JC:  Yes, I watched all the fights.  I'm surprised that HBO doesn't include me in their six top welterweights. I'm one of the best fighters out there.  I've proved myself, I'm better than all of them out there.  I can fight all of them, I can give them a beat down, maybe not all of them, but I wonder why they don't mention me.  I just saying to you and everybody, let those guys out there fight me.  I'm ready to fight. 

GL:  Some people used to call Antonio Margarito the most feared man in boxing.  Do you feel that those other six welterweights that they mentioned on HBO are just afraid to fight you?

JC:  Yes, I think that they are all afraid to fight me.  Antonio Margarito is a good fighter, I can't take that away from him.  I'm not afraid of any boxer out there.  If they told I was fighting him I wouldn't be worried, because he's not that dangerous.  Trust me, I've fought Margarito.  I was in the ring with him, he's not a puncher, trust me.  He's a good fighter when he's winning.  If people are afraid of him, what about me?  If these guys don't want to fight me, them I am the most feared fighter.

GL:  Who do you think won the fight between Margarito and Williams?

JC:  Williams won the fight in the early rounds, and they shared the late rounds.  At some point in the late rounds Paul Williams turned the fight, that's why they gave it to him.  I think they made the right call, Williams won the fight.

GL:  Although Margarito lost the fight, you'd still want to fight him anytime he's ready?

JC:  Yeah, right now if it's like that, I'm from Africa. I want to fight the best before the people, there's no fear in Clottey.  I'm always ready to fight them, they are always ready to run away from me.  Look at Paul Williams, for instance, he's done whatever he's wanted to do in boxing.  Clottey doesn't have it like the rest out there.  These guys win a title and then show fear, I just want to fight the best.

GL:  And as soon as they're ready to fight, you're ready to fight.

JC:  I'm ready to fight with any of them.  Trust me, I swear it will be the next guy.  They know that this is Josh Clottey.  Why they don't call my name? I warned these people.  I respect my opponent, but I'm there against them.  Why they don't mention me? I don't know, but they'll know regret it.  They all know that Josh Clottey is a very difficult guy to handle in the ring.  They're running away, calling people.  I want to fight Shane Mosley, or Kermit Cintron, Margarito, Miguel Cotto, all of them.  I want to fight everybody out there.  I want to fight everybody.


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