Jose Rivera: "I'll go to St. Louis to defend my WBA title."

By Percy Crawford


Jose Rivera: "I'll go to St. Louis to defend my WBA title."

Percy Crawford: What’s up Jose? How is everything going?

Jose Rivera: First off, I’m doing good…staying busy training.

PC: What are your thoughts on the Spinks/Karmazin fight this past weekend?

JR: I thought it was an ugly fight. I think at times, Spinks boxed well, but Roman allowed him to dance for 12 rounds.

PC: Cory Spinks’ manager/trainer, Kevin Cunningham, came on Boxingtalk and said you were a “last resort fight.” What do you think of his comments?

JR: Well, I’m used to it. I’m always the last resort because I’m the most dangerous opponent out there. That’s why nobody wants to fight me. They only fight me when they have to fight me. Nobody volunteers to fight me. When they’re put in a situation when I’m the only other option, then they’ll fight me.

PC: You definitely paid your dues in the boxing game. Does it frustrate you that fighters look the other way going after the names and money other than fight the other champions in the division?

JR: Um, it gets frustrating, but I understand because I also want the big fights and the money fights. On the other hand, I’m willing to fight for the titles and unify.

PC: (cutting in) and then the money will come with the unification.

JR: Exactly.

PC: Would you be willing to go to St. Louis and put your WBA title on the line against Cory Spinks?

JR: Definitely! No question! I’ve been to Germany fighting for titles. I’ve fought guys for titles in their hometowns before. That’s nothing new to me.

PC: Many observers thought the Spinks/Karmazin fight could’ve gone either way. If you can’t secure a fight with Cory Spinks, would a fight with Roman Karmazin interest you?

JR: Oh definitely. I don’t duck nobody. Whoever Don King Productions sees fit to put in there with me. I actually think a fight with me and Karmazin would be more exciting because we’re both warriors. We both come to fight. With Cory, you have to chase him down because he wants to dance for 12 rounds.

PC: Your fight with Garcia was definitely a fan friendly fight. Most of your fights are. With Spinks being more of a slick boxer, how do you think a fight between you and Cory would play out?

JR: Well, I would chase him for 12 rounds and take his heart. He can box well, but I don’t see him having any success doing that against me.

PC: In his 2nd fight with Zab he had trouble making 147, which may have caused his legs to go. In the Karmazin fight, he seemed to lose his legs late in the fight also. Would you put the pressure on a little sooner than Roman did?

JR: Absolutely! I would attack him from round 1. I think I would be very successful breaking him down from round 1.

PC: With Cory not being a heavy puncher, do you think he could have success at 154 with his boxing skills alone?

JR: Um, it really depends on who he fights. You know styles make fights and with some guys he could get away with not being a puncher. If a guy just follows him around like Karmazin did, he’ll be okay.

PC: Any word on when you will be fighting again?

JR: Honestly, as of right now, I have no word of when I’m fighting again; just waiting to hear from DKP on my next fight.

PC: We’re going to get a lot more of you on Boxingtalk. Until then, give the fans some closing thoughts.

JR: Alright man. I just want to thank the fans for their support and soon as I here something I’ll holla at you.

PC: Appreciate your time Jose!

JR: Alright man!


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