Johnson To Tarver: "All I Need To Know Is When, Where, and How Much?

By Darren Nichols


Johnson To Tarver: "All I Need To Know Is When, Where, and How Much?

Sure his life has changed since being crowned the light heavyweight king, and being named Fighter of the Year by most boxing scribes, but in talking with Glen Johnson you still get the same no-nonsense non-flamboyant fighter who tells it like it is, and puts his money where his mouth is.  With Roy Jones Jr. enjoying his time commentating with the HBO crew, a rematch with Antonio Tarver is Johnson’s biggest fight and is one that both the fans and fighters would love to see again.  In addition to the recent comments Tarver made on BoxingTalk about how the progress of a Johnson rematch was going, The Magic Man also gave his opinion on how he felt The Road Warrior would fare if they were to meet again.  Now, it is the champion’s time to have his say, and this is truly one interview you do not want to miss.

BoxingTalk: Glen, I know you are not one to talk trash, but how do you respond to Antonio Tarver comments he recently made on BoxingTalk that you have no chance in the rematch?

Glen Johnson: And what’s different from what he said the first time.

BT: What is the status on a rematch with Tarver?  Has any progress been made?

GJ: No, there has been no progress made.  I think he is having problems with his management team.  Of course I’m eager and waiting for this fight so I can get it out of the way and move on to the next chapter, but for some reason it’s not a done deal.  I’m still waiting for what’s going on because if they’re not getting ready to do this then I’m ready to move on.  I don’t want to sit around.  If you look at my career you will see that I like to stay as busy as possible.

BT: How important for you is a rematch with Tarver?

GJ: Well, he would be the first on my list in something to do if he’s able to do it, but if he’s not then I’ll move on to getting the next thing.

BT: Who else could you face right now besides Tarver?

GJ: There are names out there that would love to get a shot at my title, but it’s a two way street.  It’s all about if they want to get it rolling as well.  A rematch with Roy Jones and a rematch with Antonio Tarver are both possibilities, but you know me I’ll fight anybody.  The problem is does anybody want to fight me.  A lot of people talk, but when it comes time to doing this thing, things change.  I do very little talking, and when it comes time to doing this thing I do it.

BT: So as far as your concerned, there is nothing stopping you from fighting a rematch with Tarver?

GJ: There is nothing stopping me from fighting Tarver.  I’m ready and waiting.  All I’m waiting on is the time, place, and how much.

BT: A lot of fights have not happened due to disagreements about how the purse would be shared.  Could that happen here?

GJ: No, that’s not even a possibility because when we fought the first time, it was stated in the contract who is going to get what when the rematch takes place.  So that’s not something Tarver can even argue about.

BT: According to you then, Tarver is the one stalling the rematch?

GJ: Anyone with a listening ear knows that.  I don’t think I have to convince anyone of my status and what I’m about.  I’m pretty much an open book by now.

BT: When you do face Tarver again, will you fight him similarly to how you did last December?

GJ: I would make small adjustments, but you know, if it’s not broke why fix it.  The result of our last fight was a little closer than I wanted it to be, so I would make adjustments to widen that distance.

BT: Tarver recently said on BoxingTalk that in the rematch, we’re going to see if you can deal with Tarver’s pace, strength, stamina, speed, and defense, and we will see how long you take it.  What is your response?

GJ: Tell him I say, “Good Luck.”  What else can I say about that.  Tarver said all of these things last time, so now people are going to look at him as guy who just talks a bunch of crap.  That’s why I don’t talk trash, because when you do all this talking and you have to repeat yourself all over again, you look like a fool.  I go in the ring and I convince the people with the work that I do.  I am not ranting and raving about what I can and can’t do, I go in there and try to prove what I can and can’t do.

BT: Tarver does have a record of 2-0 (2 KO’s) when he had his rematches with Eric Harding and Roy Jones Jr.  What can you do to make sure that you don’t end up like they did?

GJ: Well one thing is that my name is Glen Johnson…not Eric Harding, not Roy Jones, so Tarver’s record doesn’t mean anything to me.

BT: Do you have any message for Antonio Tarver?

GJ: The only thing I have to say to him is to get your mess straightened out so we can get this thing signed and get it moving.  Mainly what I have to say is to my friends and to all the people out there who may be my potential fans:  Watch and support my fights, because once I step into that ring I fight with my heart and my soul, and you’ll know that you will get your money worth in everything that I do.

BT: How has your life changed since becoming the light heavyweight king and being named Fighter of the Year?

GJ: It’s changed a lot.  It’s definitely at a different level from what I was used to prior to this year, but I’m enjoying it and looking forward to keeping this going for a long time.

BoxingTalk thanks Mr. Johnson for taking the time to speak with us.  We wish him continued success both in and out of the ring.


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