Johnny Bos to Duva: We’ll take Jeffrey Resto versus Oscar Diaz Jan 21st!

By Ray O. Campbell Jr.


Johnny Bos to Duva: We’ll take Jeffrey Resto versus Oscar Diaz Jan 21st!

“Paulie is climbing a ladder, why should he come back down?”

Upon reading the comments “Lou (DiBella) told me Malignaggi and his advisor Johnny Bos agreed to it and we were just waiting for a date. We now have a commitment from ShoBox on January 21. However, when I called Lou last week, it sounded like he or Malignaggi (or both) are beginning to waffle. Makes you wonder if the “Magic Man” is hiding behind the curtain when he talks about being the best and says he’s going to be a star, but then he disappears into thin air when you call his bluff.” which were stated by Duva Boxing head Dino Duva in a press release issued just a couple of days ago, Malignaggi’s Boxing Advisor Johnny Bos contacted Boxingtalk to set the record straight “Paulie is climbing up a ladder and he is not dropping back down. We are fighting a rated fighter in November; we are going to be fighting a higher rated fighter in January, why do we need him (Diaz)?” Read on to see what else Bos had to say about why he feels the Duva are Jealous of Malignaggi.

RC: Give are your thoughts on Dino Duva comments to Paulie (Malignaggi) and promoter Lou DiBella to…

JB: (Cutting in) Hey that is just fucking jealously and cheapness on their part because they had him in the amateurs. They could have had him as a professional, Lou (Duva) had him in camp, and when it came time to fly him to the nationals he didn’t return Paulie’s calls. So it was cheapness on their part. They just would not return his phone calls which you can clarify with Paulie, that when it came time for the nationals, they promised to send him but couldn’t be reached. He came to me, and I got him the plane ticket to go, and you know what I told him?

I said Paulie if you decide to come with me when you turn pro, you fogetaboutit (The money for the ticket), and if you go somewhere else, then somewhere down the line when you make the money just pay me back. I mean can I be more fair than that? I wasn’t going to take away the kids dreams when all I did was go to and got a ticket for $238.

RC: Is that what all this is about? And why do you feel they are jealous?

JB: Well obviously if they are screaming out our name to make a name for themselves, we didn’t just loose ten out of ten rounds to Ebo Elder. Look let me tell you, if they want to make a good name for Oscar Diaz? They can put him with Jeffrey Resto. There you have two prospects that just lost.

RC: Can Jeffrey Resto still make 140lbs?

JB: Yeah, and when is the last time Oscar Diaz made 140lbs?

RC: So you’d take a fight with Resto and Diaz?

JB: Fuck Yeah! I will take that in one second.

RC: And why not for Paulie?

JB: Let me tell you something, here is why. Paulie is climbing up a ladder and he is not dropping back down. We are fighting a rated fighter in November; we are going to be fighting a higher rated fighter in January, why do we need him (Diaz)? we are hoping we will get a fight against (Juan) Urango he is ranked number #10 in the world by the WBC, and ranked number #15 in the world by the WBA, and just fought to a draw with Mike Arnaoutis in a fight I thought he won.

RC: Is the rated fighter you are referring to Sandro Casamonica?

JB: Yes we are fighting him and then maybe Urango in January, and if not him then another rated fighter. I would love to fight (Dmitriy) Salita but obviously that is not going to happen. But for now he is fighting Casamonica in November, that has already been made, and it will be for the WBC International title.

Ask Dino and them why wasn’t Oscar Diaz screaming for Paulie when he was undefeated?

I don’t care about Oscar Diaz, the last two times I seen him he got his ass kicked when he fought Rogelio Castañeda and they gave him a gift spilt decision, and when Ebo Elder beat him every round. So what do we possibly have to gain fighting a guy like that? We are looking at good, tough guys. Urango is a southpaw, a good puncher; he is a lot better than Diaz.

Why don’t they put Diaz against Kendall Holt and see what anyone of them have. That was the last challenge they gave us, and the last time I seen him he was wondering around like a drunk in Chicago. I would have been looking at Ebo Elder but he has a fight coming up.  He would have been a much better opponent, he has beaten Oscar Diaz’s ass and he beat Fernando Trejo. He is number #12 in the WBO, #14 in the IBF and #6 in the WBC. Now after all of that, give us Spadafora if they can pull the bottle out of his hand long enough. I mean what does he do carry a bottle in one hand and a pistol in the other.

I mean they can have Jeffrey Resto for Oscar Diaz, they are two prospects coming off a loss, and one of them has to go for a gain. It just doesn’t make good business sense for Paulie to go back and fight this guy right now. My goal is to fight Arturo Gatti sometime in the next year or two.

RC: So Malignaggi’s future plans consist of Casamonica in November, Urango…

JB: (Cutting in) I am not sure it is going to be Urango, but it sis definitely going to be somebody rated, not a guy that got his butt kicked his last two fights on television.

If he would have beaten Ebo Elder and was undefeated and hadn’t been embarrassed as he was. I mean he has already shown his short comings, and the other hand Resto is coming off two losses in a row and I would like to give him an easy fight, and I think Oscar Diaz would provide that.


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