Joel Casamayor: Why would I fight Campbell when I can make double for Diaz

By G. Leon


Joel Casamayor: Why would I fight Campbell when I can make double for Diaz

GL: Earlier today Don King won a purse bid for a potential fight with Nate Campbell. Do you plan on going through with the fight and fighting Nate Campbell? "I believe not. I have a better offer to fight Juan Diaz on September 13. It's a much better offer and that's a fight they've had us on hold with, but we were waiting for the purse bid. No contracts have been signed to fight Juan yet, but I believe he is who I'll be training for when I go to camp next week. And I believe we're going to give Juan Diaz an ass whooping on September 13."

GL: How much more is on the table for the fight with Diaz?

Joel Casamayor: "I don't want to talk about it until the contracts are done, but trust me it's more than six figures bigger, much more."

GL: I spoke with Nate Campbell earlier and asked him what he would do if he were in your shoes and he said he'd fight the best fighter out there regardless of the purse.

JC: "It's easy for him to say that, but he's not in my shoes and he'll never be in my shoes. I'm an Olympic Gold Medallist and a four time world champion. I'm one of the best pound for pound and he's not in my shoes. We wanted to fight him before and he didn't come through, I already beat him once. Maybe he would go another way, but he doesn't know how I feel because he's not in my shoes. Nate Campbell is not the best situation because there's much more money on the table for the other fight."

GL: Nate also insinuated that Golden Boy's bid, which was less than half of King's symbolizes how much they believe in your chances against him.

JC: "Nate Campbell needs to understand that I have a better offer on the table to fight Juan Diaz, and that offer shows me how much my promoter believes in me. He could talk all the shit he wants to whoever he wants, but I know Golden Boy was going to bid low because we already had another offer done for September 13. $1.2 is a reasonable number, but to split that between me and Nate and then I got to give my promoter 30%, it's not going to happen. I'm going to almost get double to fight Juan Diaz, why would I fight Nate Campbell?"

GL: Do you think that Nate Campbell at this point in time is a tougher fight than Juan Diaz?

JC: "I don't think so at all. Juan is a young kid and he's coming off his loss and he's coming back hungry."

GL: Some might find that hard to believe based on the fact Campbell just beat Diaz handily.

JC: "Styles make fights. Juan throws a lot of punches and Nate likes to pick his shots and when you do that against me you get the shit beat out of you. I put Nate Campbell on his bicycle when we fought. If we fought again he'd be running all over the place."

GL: Closing thoughts?

JC: "Come September 13 we're going to get our third win in a row with Golden Boy Promotions and then we're going to continue to make big fights."


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