Joel Casamayor Sounds Off

By G. Leon


Joel Casamayor Sounds Off

El Cepillo on Pacquiao fight: "Some people think Manny Pacquiao is the best fighter out there and I would love to show the world what I could do to him, but he's not going to step up and fight me."

GL: Boxingtalk recent reported that it looks likely you'll be facing Acelino Freitas in a unification rematch. What can you tell us about this situation? "That looks like the fight that is going to be the one, it looks like that's what's coming up, I'm just waiting for the papers to get signed so we have 100% clarification. I want to go ahead an erase him from my past like I did to Corrales and move forward from there."

GL: How would a rematch with Freitas be different than the first fight?

Joel Casamayor: "The difference will be that I will walk him down. What I did for the first few rounds of the first fight was box with him because he was supposed to be this big puncher, 31-0 (30KO). Once I figured out he was a punk I started to walk him down. I feel I swept the last six or seven rounds. With the slip that they called a knockdown and a couple of other things that happened, I should have won that fight. But things will be different this time because I'm going to walk him down earlier."

GL: How do you feel Freitas has changed as a fighter since your first fight?

JC: "He's a different fighter now, he was supposed to be this big puncher that everyone was scared of. After he fought me he became a boxer who started running. I completely changed his style and he hasn't fought the same since our first fight."

GL: Art Pelullo told me that you didn't want to make it happen in Brazil...

JC: (cutting in) "I would fight him anywhere if they pay the right money. I'm the champion though and I feel this fight should be on neutral territory, but if Pelullo comes up with the right money with some of that money that's in his Brazil TV then we could fight over there. Otherwise I think we should fight in America on neutral turf."

GL: Does fighting for both sanctioning body titles matter to you?

JC: "Not really I'm already going in there to defend my WBO title and my Ring belt. In the first fight they robbed me of the WBO title, so maybe I would like to add that to my collection, but we're coming into the ring with the two monster belts."

GL: How have you changed as a fighter since your first fight with Freitas?

JC: "I've learned a lot more and I feel more seasoned. I felt like I was on top of my game when we first fought him and I'm still on top of my game now. To be honest with you, I didn't train as hard as I should have for that fight. But I've changed my mentality completely and I realize that every fight is do or die. It's time for real men to stand up and I'm always looking to prove that I'm the best Cuban in the world."

GL: If you're successful against Freitas the only other loss left to avenge would be Jose Luis Castillo, is that something you plan on doing somewhere down the line?

JC: "I would love to and I would love to fight the winner of Hatton and Castillo at 140 pounds. Some people think Manny Pacquiao is the best fighter out there and I would love to show the world what I could do to him, but he's not going to step up and fight me. But I would fight anyone, if Castillo doesn't make weight this week and Hatton wins, I'd fight Hatton if he's looking for a big fight. It doesn't matter to me, I'm here to fight the best. Hatton is a tough little white boy, but he's a catcher he runs into everything. I have the style where I would just play with him, it would be fun."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

JC: "I want to thank all of my fans for showing me love everywhere I go and I want to thank you and for putting me on the hottest boxing site in the world."


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