Joe Mesi fires back at Toney

By G. Leon


Joe Mesi fires back at Toney

GL James Toney lashed out at you yesterday on Boxingtalk, I'm sure you're aware of his remarks, is there anything you'd like to say in response? "It was all I could expect from James Toney, words. James is really good at words, but he's no good in the heavyweight division and that's been proven. Go back down to super middleweight, because at heavyweight you're not cutting it!"

GL: What kind of offers did you guys make him that James is describing as chump change?

Joe Mesi: "I heard all while back that there was interest in the fight and I liked it. But I never heard any numbers, I don't think we presented an offer. I would like that fight, I think it would be a great fight. I'd like to hear some numbers, but I haven't heard anything about that because we haven't gotten that far. I got Terry Smith on the radar for April. With a good performance, after that we'll see what's next. Hopefully James Toney is next. We just got to get those numbers and see what they're going to pay us."

GL: So you don't respect Toney as a heavyweight?

JM: "James is legendary, but he's legendary at the smaller weights. Right now he's just an overweight boxer. He's beatable and I gave Jirov a bigger whooping than he ever could so those are just words to me.  Once I get through Terry Smith we'll see what happens."

GL: What are your thoughts on Terry Smith as a fighter?

JM: "Terry is solid. He's the kind of guy that could bring to that next level. That top 10-15 top level. He's never been knocked out and we know each other, so it could be interesting. Terry's just a guy that's going to bring me to the next level. He's a tough, tough kid and I'm looking to get some rounds out of him."

GL: All of the rounds? Will it go the distance?

JM: "We're certainly hoping not, but I just need the W. I'm going there to win."


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