Jin Turns Antoher Writer Into Chop Suey!

By Jin Mosley


Jin Turns Antoher Writer Into Chop Suey!

How funny it is that these so called writers always forget to tell the "Real Story." Pedro Fernandez is about as much of a writer as I am a boxer. He is the original reason of "THE MEDIA BAN LIST". Shane has refused him interviews for 3 years now, but he hadn't gained enough courage to speak upon it until Ron, Steve and him discussed it over tea last week. 3 years ago "THE NUMBER ONE HATER" in boxing wrote a biased interview in which Shane replied to privately through e-mail. Then in turn Pedro posted Shane's personal e-mail address on his weak-ass column for all of the public to reply to. He, being the brainiac he thinks he is, thought the fans were going to bash Shane. When in return they commented on how amateurish Pedro is and what a arrogant fool must be. Shane forwarded some of them to Pedro but of course he felt stupid and finally pulled off the e-mail address.

Pedro is best defined as a wanna-be fighter who never made it for whatever reasons, maybe he lacked heart or motivation or skill. For whatever reason he never achieved anything inside a ring therefore he does what any jealous person will do.....He hates.

Pedro you are more of a joke than any other "writer" Shane refuses to talk to.

You do realize that you are doing exactly what you complained the media did for Yoko Ono. Dedicating a whole story to me says that Shane denying you interviews has worked. It has pissed you off enough to vent through emotions. Now you have experienced how the fighters feel when you write nonsense about them.

  Shane hardly remembers the names of some of the writers, therefore he asks me to tell him who's who. Not me controlling who he talks to. He by his own choice doesn't feel the need to waste time talking to those who switch up what he says anyway.

He figures you can invent your own stories like you do anyway. Maybe next time you and the other "BANNED WRITERS" can gain some control over your emotions and write from a professional aspect. Shane also gratned interviews to Boxingtalk, USA Today and  many other media outlets that are opinionated yet respectful
This is the other side of Pedro Fernandez's "STORY". Now that you have the full version you can form a complete outlook on Shane's refusal's. He is not the only fighter banning certain writers.

Soon enough all of the fighters will start to get annoyed with certain members of the "press" and that will eventually seperate "The Boys" from "The Men."
Thank you for taking the time to read my articles that expose the truth behind the scenes to these tainted so-called writers.

I only want both sides to be heard. Unfortunatly Shane doesn't have the time or energy to reveal these imposters or he would do it himself. Because I am the closest person to him, I can make it known to the public that cares about truth.