Jin Chops Up Kim

By Jin Mosley


Jin Chops Up Kim

I am called back once again due to the ignorance of small minded people like Steve Kim. A few months back he dedicated a whole paragraph to "yours truly" and I stayed quiet, due to the fact that I pitied the lost soul. He is obviously ashamed of his culture and suffers a deep identity crisis. He relates more to being of latin descent than of his own asian heritage. A few months back I ran into him in the hallway of a fight and told him he needs to be more accurate with his writing. Than JOKINGLY added that he should know this and be cool, since we are both Korean. Well he didnt say a word about it there. But much to my surprise it must of irked him because he immediatly ran home to his computer and started ranting and raving about how he doesnt feel korean and how a certain person in boxing asked him about a korean restaurant years ago and he threw a fit and blah blah blah blah. Is he serious?

There's help for the nightmares of being 8 and being called a chink on the playground but honey, with Kim as your last name your about as korean as they come. You can pretend to be something else but.....NEWSFLASH..... when people see you, never ever do they mistake you for anything other than what you are. You can eat taco's and fried chicken for the rest of your life and not once will someone mistake you for a black or latino.  This confused "homeboy" had the nerve to call me the Yoko Ono of boxing.

How hypocritical is that?

Here he is crying about me pulling the race card and here he is comparing me to 1 out of like 4 of the only asian woman ever known. My advice to him is for him to love himself and accept who he is. Some one should download and send him Christina's song...."Beautiful"....this may help his insecurities.  I'm sure when he wants a discount in korea town, he embraces his korean side. That's what we do by nature.....We look out for eachother.

Well ...now that I have gotten that off my chest. Down to the real matter of me resurfacing. Over the weekend at the press conference Steve once again had a BF.

This time though he braved up and spoke his peace directly. Shane denied him an interview stating that he is usually innaccurate or writing through emotions. Steve then threatened him by saying "You just wait to see what I write next"  As he stormed out.


Let me clarify a few things here. Shane has every right to be selective. Does Tom Cruise grant the "STAR" interviews?

Does Madonna go on Jerry Springer?  NO!

Shane is eliminating the hobby writers or those who are too inexperienced or irrational. They know who they are. Steve you are welcome to write what ever you like, but I am making the people aware. Shane will not be speaking directly to you so therefore whatever you report is hearsay, rumors or from your own imagination....... And be prepared for my rebuttal.  Shane is not the only fighter to deny them an interview. I wonder, if this goes on much longer, what his job status or the status of the site will be?

Thank you Boxingtalk members for letting me unveil the truth once again. There is so much drama behind the scenes that you never get the whole "story"

Oh and P.S.  I read the chat "DOOKIE" did. And yeah you beat my man twice but that was literally AGES and AGES ago. He's still a fighter, while you my friend have succumbed to becoming a video hoe.

How long do you think you can keep riding that train? I guess I have to remind you that you lost your last 2 fights kid. One by a perfect KO.  So when you take your walk down memory lane don't forget to mention you beat him 2 fights and almost 3 yrs ago.