Jason Litzau looking to make HBO his home

By. Ray O. Campbell Jr.


Jason Litzau looking to make HBO his home

“I’m going to show the world what The American Boy is all about!”

On December 16th, undefeated featherweight prospect Jason “The American Boy” Litzau 20-0(18) will make his HBO Boxing after Dark debut against Round Lake, IL Jose Andres Hernandez 21-3(13). “It is definitely going to be a great night.” stated the heavy-handed Minnesota native, when he talked about making his debut on the big network. In this brief one on one interview Litzau speaks to us about his preparation for this bout, the statement he plans on making in his HBO debut and much more.
RC: What’s going on Jason?
JL: Good man, everything is good I have been training hard.

RC: What can you tell us about your opponent Jose Andres Hernandez 21-3(13)?
JL:  I know that he is really good, he is real tough and it is going to be a great fight. It is definitely going to be a great night December 16th on HBO. American Boy is going to show the world what he is about.

RC: How excited are you about making your HBO debut?
JL: Ah man, this is exactly what I have dreamed of. It is finally coming through for me to be fighting on HBO, and hopefully we can stay on HBO after this fight.

RC: From what I understand you are training out of Vero Beach at Buddy McGirt’s gym. What has that environment been like down there for this training camp?
JL: It’s been great, I have been getting great sparring. I have been training hard; it’s hot down here. It’s where a lot of champions come to train. It is where you should be. Like when you are a movie star you go to Hollywood, when you box you come down here to Florida to train.

RC Who has been preparing you for this fight as far as sparring goes down there?
JL: I have been sparring with Bones Adams, another guy that is 6-0, and I have been sparring with this other kid h3 is like 135lbs and he is 7-0, just good fighters down here that I have been working with. That’s all that is really down at the gym.

RC: Buddy isn’t your trainer, but from what I understand he works with you a little from time to time. What does he add and what has that been like?
JL: Yeah, he holds the pads for me sometimes. Its great working with him, he add his little touches, he gives me a lot of advice for the ring, more than I will probably ever need.

RC: Main Events the promotional company you are with, has always down a great job at developing young fighters. With Vargas and Juarez loosing their last two, Gatti two out of his last three, and Brock just recently suffering his first loss as a pro… Being undefeated and your next bout to be televised on HBO, do you sort of feel as though you have any extra pressure to sort of put main events on your back so to say?
JL: I don’t feel any pressure at all, I just have to go in there and do my job. Regardless of Main Events or not! Its not about main events, they are going to do their thing regardless. They can get any fighter they want. I am just hoping that they invest in the young and that they feel like they at least made a good investment with me. That’s all I really want to do, but I don’t feel that I have to hold down the whole main events. Main events will get any fighter they want if they want, I am not saying they can go out and get any world champion out there, but if they wanna pay enough money they can get any fighter they really want. They are really putting a lot into me, and they are not putting any pressure on me they just want me to do the best that I can do, and that’s what I am going to do.

RC: Jose Andres Hernandez supposedly has never been stopped before, and it’s clear you are a big puncher, as most of your fights don’t go the distance. Are you looking to go on HBO and making an impression and stop this guy for the first time in his career?
JL: I mean if it happens, I am not going to look for it. If it comes it comes, sometimes I end up looking for it but we will have to find out that night. I don’t know, everyone is going to have to tune into HBO December 16th.

RC: Come on Jason keep it real with the Boxingtalk readers, you try to get your opponents out of there with every punch you throw.
JL: Well you know the American Boy; you know that is what he does. He doesn’t do anything half **explicit*, when they tune in December 16ht they are going to find out what’s good. Believe me somebody is hitting the ground that night, and if not they will have taken enough punishment that something is going to happen. But somebody is going to be taking some serious punishment. You know I just don’t come in the ring just trying to get by, that’s not me and I never will be that way I am looking for blood, I am looking for hurt, he better hurt me or I am going to hurt him.




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