James Toney breaks his silence

By G. Leon


James Toney breaks his silence

GL: What's the latest and greatest with James Toney? "I've just been working out and I'm finally injury free and cleared to fight. I'm getting ready to be ready for what I need to do. I've been keeping myself busy while I wait for these so called fighters to fight me. I'm not going to sit around and do nothing and wait for the opportunity so I'm going to make the opportunity come to me."

GL: Before we talk about some of these so called fighters, John Arthur told me about some charity work you did with some sick children, what was that experience like?

James Toney: "I went down to San Diego to the children's hospital and spent some time with some very sick children and some autistic children. I don't do none of that for publicity though. I fight for publicity, I love working with kids and I had a great time with him. Those are some great kids and they leave an impression on you. It was fun being with them and it made me smile to be able to bring a smile to the kids faces."

GL: After the rematch with Peter you made it clear that you felt you won the fight. It's been longer than two months since January 6, has your opinion on the outcome of that fight changed any?

JT: "Nothing has changed. This is a guy who was supposed to be a monster heavyweight and he couldn't do nothing against me. As a matter of fact, this guy ran the last three rounds and didn't do too much. The reporters can think whatever they want about the fight. A lot of those guys don't like me because they're assholes but I don't give a damn about that. Nothing they say can break me down, they can shove that where the sun don't shine."

GL: I also heard that you pulled a muscle in your leg while running wind sprints with Billy Blanks a week or so removed from the fight. Is that true? Why didn't you say anything about since then?

JT: "I was doing different routines in training and I pulled a hamstring. Any other man would have pulled out of the fight but I don't out of nothing. If I can walk, I can fight you know what I mean? I wanted to fight and I went through it with an injury. The guy couldn't do nothing to me and I made him look like an amatuer. People say I made him look good, but he's done. His days are over with because he's going to have to see me again one way or the other. I'm not going to retire until I'm ready to. People in boxing need to give me my props and get ready to see a whole lot more of James Toney because I ain't done with these chumps yet. They always try to find ways to knock me down but that's not happening."

GL: Sergei Liakhovich and Vassiliy Jirov's names have been floating through the grapevine, what can you tell us about those potential fights?

JT: "You know me G-man, it doesn't matter who it is I'll fight anybody. Jirov ain't never been the same since we fougt but I ain't got no problem finishing him off. Liakhovich could get finished off and I even saw where Tommy Morrisson came out of his mouth in ESPN the magazine so he can get it too. Tommy Morrisson is white trash. Whoever wants to put there money up let's do it. Anybody, anytime, anywhere. That's my motto and it's not going to change for anyone."

GL: When can we expect to see you back in the ring?

JT: "I want to get back in there as soon as possible, but I've got another child on the way so I wanted to fight in April or May, but with the baby coming it'll probably be June or July."

GL: How many is that now for the Toney clan?

JT: "7"

GL: You're working on a basketball team.

JT: "I already got two reserves."

GL: What kind of work have you been doing to maintain some sort of shape?

JT: "Right now I'm doing a lot of cardio work. I'm working hard with Billy every day and people can get ready to see that Holyfield mode in my last fight. It's all coming together and I'm going to be at the Holyfield status in another month or so. I've been waking up to do my running at 6am every morning so it's about to be on when I get back in the ring."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

JT: "Boxingtalk and my man Greg Leon are number one in the game. Keep tuned in because I'm goin to be back better than ever. I promise you.


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